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If you want to lose weight, what diet would you recommend?

Asked by CuriousLoner (1812points) August 12th, 2012

Just mainly talking about food here. In this case it is assumed you have some kind of physical activity. There is no right or wrong answers just give me what you think. Also include amounts like X carbs or fat,etc. Not mandatory, but is appreciated.

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I would eat what I normally eat – a good mix of different foods, except I’d eat less of it.
I would not do any fad diet, e.g. the green diet or the blue diet or the meat only or no meat.
I’d eat a balanced diet, drink water, and get a little ore exercise. Don’t try to lose it all in one shot. Go slow and steady.

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Exercise more, eat less. Of course, if you have a current diet of nothing but chocolate and twinkies you might want to change what you’re eating too, but I think for most people changing what you eat isn’t really necessary.

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I would do a minimum of three cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit a day (more vegetable are ok. ) 2 3 oz servings of lean proteins, and no more than 2 servings of grains.
Drink plenty of water and don’t drink any other drinks with calories.

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Eat less; move more.

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By eating clean food. Food that is steamed, I have a great steamer, you can place your chicken for example and veggies in it and put the timer on. Cut down on carbs at night, and avoid sugar and bad fats.

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I’ve been watching a really interesting documentary series – and as it’s a presentation of HBO and the Institute of Medicine (IOM), in association with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and in partnership with the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and Kaiser Permanente..they have a whole lotta medical and dietary experts that speak.. and the interesting thing I learned is this:
1. Exercise is good…but exercise isn’t what is key to losing weight. Exercise is really good for helping you maintain weight loss.
2. It’s all about the calories. We need to eat significantly fewer calories and eat good, nutritive foods.
3. We don’t all require the same calories. So, start by reducing your caloric intake while focusing on getting enough vitamins & minerals to be healthy—get rid of all EMPTY calories (e.g. sugary drinks, high calorie junk food) and continue to restrict your calorie intake until you’re losing a few pounds a week.

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I would do the zero-processed foods diet. Only eat things that are straight-up…fruits, vegetables, meats, and carbs that aren’t put through a lot of handling. For example, try eating rice, whole grains, and fiber-rich additives like flaxseed. Avoid the grocery-store favorites like white bread, tv dinners, cookies, deli meats & sides, canned food, and crackers. Drink water and low-fat/fat-free milk. And remember, no diet is complete without exercise! Never expect results from eating changes alone.

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I go along with @Judi . An important part of any diet is to be able to curb hunger without piling on calories. Vegetables and fruits have al ot of water and fiber, which help to fill the belly and cut down on hunger, in addition to their other benefits. Choose products made with whole grains, which also contain a lot of fiber.. Soups have also been found to work well in suppessing the appetite. Choose meat and other protein souirces that are low in fat. Eat slowly and chew carefully.

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Eat healthy (plenty of non-greasy meats, fruit, veg etc), vary what you eat, get exercise when you can with a particular emphasis on cardio and don’t turn your diet into a chore; at the end of the day altering your lifestyle in such a fundamental way as what you eat won’t be easy, but you can make it easier by turning the shift into more of a challenge than a chore. Allow yourself an occasional snack so you don’t drive yourself insane, have a few beers on the weekend, allow yourself to stop working once in a while, but just don’t be ridiculous about it. The key element of any diet or exercise plan is consistency. Stick to the guidelines you set for yourself at all times and you will see a gradual change in your physical appearance.

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Filling the stomach is all about volume and not just calories. For a normal person about 700 ccm (three quarters of a quart) are needed to stop feeling hungry.

It’s the combination of the calories actually needed and fiber to reach the 700 ccm. When people eat a big mac without large fries they don’t reach the 700 ccm, therefore they also eat large fries which extends the calories that are actually needed. So it should be a hamburger plus an XXL salad plus fiber-rich vegetables.

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of course more vegetable and less meat

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^^^Spam is not part of a healthy diet plan!

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