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Should I give a "good bye" gift to the babysitter, the way we give a gift to the teacher at the end of the school year?

Asked by jca (35976points) August 13th, 2012

My daughter’s babysitter has been babysitting several days a week since she was 7 months old, when I returned to work. It started out 3 or 4 days a week, (I forgot how many) and then I reduced it to 2 days a week, and this year, one day a week, as I increased her time at pre-school.

Today is her last day. I told her I would send her a card, and that I bought one but didn’t fill it out in time to bring it.

Should I give her a good bye gift, the way we give a gift to teachers at the end of the school year? Should it be cash or an actual gift? If you recommend cash, what is a good amount? I pay her $60 a day, FYI.

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I think it is a personal choice? If you feel you would like to gift her, then gift her. It need not be elaborate. You could even take her to a farewell lunch with the kids.

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I should add that the babysitter and I have grown to be friends, and we have another mutual friend (who brought me to the babysitter in the first place). We have, on occasion, gone to dinner together and she’s invited me to a few of her parties.

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It’s a wonderful idea to give her a gift. Do you happen to have a photo of the babysitter with your daughter? If so, you could put it in a picture frame. Personally, I’d forego the idea of money. A personal gift has much more meaning, especially if you know that it is something that she would like.

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Why not? It’s a gesture of appreciation, which is always appropriate.

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I’d avoid giving her cash as a goodbye gift. Maybe just take her out to her favorite restaurant.

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I think a small gift would be appropriate and a nice thing to do. Cash is crass.

(You don’t mean that the baby sitter has been working for you since she was seven months old, do you?)

How long has this young woman been working for you?

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@gailcalled who I can always rely on to point out inconsistencies in my spelling and grammar! :) I meant the baby sitter has been working for us since my daughter was seven months old. That would be almost 5 years.

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Yes, I suggest a big bonus check.

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Since you are friends, I would suggest the gift over cash. Unless she is going to college soon, in which case there is always a need for cash to cover the stuff she didn’t think of before she left.

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@WestRiverrat: She’s an adult, mid-40’s, married, parent of 3 kids.

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@jca then go with a gift.

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I would give her a gift. She has played such an important part in your life over a number of years. I imagine she has become very fond of your daughter and your daughter is fond of her. For you, a babysitter is probably one of the most trusted people in our lives. We leave them with the care of our most precious people.

I would actually make the gift from your daughter. A piece of jewellery (a locket with a picture of your daughter?) or a photo frame. Something she can keep to remember your daughter as she is now in the future and her role in helping to guide your daughter’s growth and development into the lovely child I am sure she is now.

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I think it would be a very nice gesture. Don’t give her cash or a check. Because she’s become your friend, that would be a little weird (although paying her to babysit was not weird, because that was her job) Give her a gift certificate to a nice restaurant where she could take her hubby. Or a gift certificate to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods would be nice, and useful too. Make that gift certificate about $100.

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I think whenever you feel the need to give someone a gift, you should do so. It is sure to be well received.

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I wouldn’t! Yeah, or just like a little trinket or soda or something. Something edible and temporary.

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