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Will GlowLight damage the eyes?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7877points) August 15th, 2012

Well, I know that the Nook with GlowLight was made for bedtime reading when someone you share a room with doesn’t want to keep a light on. But my father always drillef into me that I should never read by just a blacklight lest I should damage my eyesight horribly. How much damage would reading by just the GlowLight cause my eyes?

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First off, did you mean backlight, or blacklight?

Either way, there is no risk. You do far more damage to your eyes being in the sunlight.

Put another way, your dad is wrong.

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There is no danger of damaging your eyes from insufficient light. I am not familiar with the GlowLight, but the worst that could possibly happen is that you may get eye fatigue, a purely temporary condition.

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