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What's the most disgusting smell that you've experienced?

Asked by AstroChuck (37566points) June 2nd, 2008

I don’t think that there is a worse smell in the world than rotton potatoes.

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That is indeed fowl, but I think cat vomit/poo is definately up there on the list. Makes me dry retch if not throw up involuntarily.

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dead animals!! Ewww!!

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hydrogen sulfide/rotten eggs, a rat opened up (dissected) STINKS, ditto for most animals though…so far i have had to cut open rats, sharks, cats, frogs, pig, cow brain, crayfish and a couple more that i forget right now. point is..i am basically getting immune to bad smells.

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I pot of mac and cheese I left in the sink for two weeks (late Christmas vacation present to myself). I was amazed at how incapacitating mold can smell. Its also damn near impossible to get rid of.

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dog diarrhea

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Ammonium Chloride…as it was leaking from the construction in the downstairs flat up into mine. It inundated my apartment and everything smelled of it for over a week. I had to stay with friends and have all my clothes laundered.

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pig manure

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B0dy 0d0r.

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rotten human body!

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a rotten human body smothered with pig manure, covered in dog diarria, rolled in cat vomit, and sprinkled with ammonium chloride!

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I hope you haven’t actually experienced that :P

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Feacal vomit. Its when you bowel gets blocked and you throw up faeces. I dont know if its the smell or just the thought of it.

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My dog getting sprayed in the mouth by a skunk and minutes later having diarrhea from it on the dining room carpet. Ended up having to rip out the carpet and replace! Yuck-sorry for that image…just be glad you weren’t there.

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That package of chicken that you left in the garbage bag under the sink when you went on a 4-day sales trip. Dear lord…..

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i had a huge abscess on my ass that ruptured. all the rotten pus and blood that came out smelled terrible.

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I once dug up a dead whale (for the whale bone) that had been buried under the sand for a few years. It was supposed to be nice dry bones by then but, oh no, it was a giant quagmire of the most foul smelling putrescence imaginable. The stench filled the beach and there was no escape.

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Having never dealt with buried whales or fecal vomiting (which I have never even heard of), I do have familiarity with an assortment of foods gone bad and molds etc. For me the worst was a human body found dead after a week or so in a warm upstairs room.

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Roadkill that’s been baking in 100-degree weather for the better part of two days.

Stool samples being tested for E. Coli.

And yeah, rotting potatoes is right up there… ::barf::

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