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What do you think of when you look at yourself in the mirror and does it change everyday?

Asked by TheProfoundPorcupine (2549points) August 21st, 2012

When we look at ourselves in the mirror what are your thoughts and do these thoughts then influence how you feel for the rest of the day? If you see someone who is tired looking back at you does it make you feel more lethargic, if you see someone fully of life does it put an extra spring in your step or do you just think…looking good!!

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When I look at myself in the mirror, I’m usually looking at rashes or to see if my hair is straight, or so I can shave without cutting myself or for some specific thing. That’s all I think about. I never make any judgment about how I look. And it has nothing to do with the rest of my day. It’s just matter of fact and totally related to my specific shape and form at that time. It is not related to feelings about myself or how I look or anything in any way narcissistic or psychological. I learned, the hard way, that those thoughts only open the door to depression.

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I am very influenced by how I look in the mirror . If I look tired it can totally ruin my day. I have no idea why it does that, I think I at least like to look alive, and not half dead!! It is sort of a confirmation of how awful I feel actually. Conversely if I look great, I feel great. As I write this I realize how silly that is.Because how I feel inside is more important.

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Ops and sorry “welcome to Fluther”

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I’m like @wundayatta – I rarely look in the mirror unless I’m shaving, or waxing my hair. neither of which I do more often than once a week.

For years I hated looking at myself in the mirror because it reminded me how female I looked. That changed about four months ago, I caught a glance at myself in a full length mirror in a store and for the first time I felt that I looked completely male. That was a good feeling. I don’t see a woman in the mirror any more.

Oh yes, and welcome to Fluther.

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First thing in the morning all I see is puffy eyes and frumpiness. I laugh at how frumpy I look.
I have really noticed that the harder I try with my hair and makeup the less I like how I look. If I just do the quickie routine I almost always look better than when I spend hours on myself. Don’t ask me why this is so. lol

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While brushing my teeth I always look up to see myself in the mirror. I notice the lines and the receding hairline and my blue eyes and I wonder if a stranger could detect anything of my character from what he sees. I may notice stray nostril hairs or the tiny red marks of veins at the side of my nose. I take no pride in how I look and I don’t stare at myself for long.

On coming back from a walk this evening I accidentally caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror and I was surprised at how young and fresh I looked, but I didn’t look too closely.

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I’m always smiling at myself and telling myself what a great-looking happy person that is…boosting yourself before starting your day is essential.

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I’m somewhat of a workaholic so I mostly look to see how red my eyes are… determines the necessary coffee intake for the day :P

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Today I thought; “Yaay! I got my teeth cleaned!” That’s different from yesterday. Right?

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I look at the mirror in the morning, in the bathroom whilst brushing my teeth, At that time, I’m only looking to make sure I clean properly.
After that, I look in the mirror when I get ready for the day. This is the time looking in the mirror influences me. If I look good, I feel happy and raring to go.
If it’s not a good day, I feel determined to make myself look better…

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I think reflective thoughts which mirror my mood at the time.

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I live in a fantasy world where my looks don’t matter. To tell the truth, I have no choice. If people were to relate to me based on looks, I wouldn’t get very far. Fortunately, for men it isn’t such a big deal as it is for women. Women are more likely to look past looks, and men often don’t notice how other men look. I mean, if you look schlumpfy enough, you get dismissed on the looks basis, but they will pay attention to you on a brains basis.

So if I can get people past my physical appearance to my abilities, then I’ll do all right. Not great, but well enough. I can do well on tests of ability and brains.

So when I don’t see myself in the mirror, that is exactly how I hope others will relate to me. They shouldn’t see me, physically. They should experience me as a presence—a useful presence. They should not think about how I look.

I used to try to imitate those characters in stories who could appear to be invisible. They had ways of standing and moving so that people didn’t notice them. They could be seen, but they weren’t noticed. I practice not noticing myself, and when I say myself, I mean the part of me that would turn people off. I hope they will notice the good parts. But better they shouldn’t notice me at all than to notice my physical exterior, which, I feel, might make them feel vaguely ill without knowing precisely why.

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First, I check how much sleeping on it has messed up my hair and is it so bad that I need to wash it.
Then, I check if I’ve aged overnight and congratulate myself if I haven’t.
Then, I weigh myself and decide what, if anything, I need to do about that today.

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“Where did I go?”

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My reflection won’t even appear…

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Heh, ironically I was JUST talking to my daughter and I told her I noticed today, in a mirror in my bedroom in direct light that, to my horror, I discovered the old lady peach fuzz starting to show up on my jawline and side of my cheeks. Goddamn it all!
Aging is not for the mega vain. lol

Does anyone know why we grow peach fuzz in our maturity?
Of course our ears and noses grow bigger too, or maybe it;s just thast our faces shrink. haha

@Symbeline Zombie vampire ey?

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Changes every day, some times I think I’m looking pretty good, other days it is so bad I don’t want to look twice. Either way doesn’t change my day – I have a famously short memory. What was the question?

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I think, “My poor wife is married to an old, wrinkled, baldheaded old geezer”. But the amount of niceness that I give to my wife is in direct proportion to my physical ugliness. I also try to make it up to her in many other ways.

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@Coloma women get peach fuzz as they mature due to reduced estrogen. All women have a low level of testosterone throughout their life. The levels of testosterone do not vary as you get older, but in youth, the higher estrogen levels neutralise it. As estrogen production declines, the balance is shifted so you have proportionally more testosterone. HRT will redress the balance.

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@Coloma at least you a peach!

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@downtide Aaaah, so I am turning into a man. lolol
@Shippy Peachy! :-)

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@Coloma . Its when we dont see ourselves anymore we worry!!!!

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@Coloma Does that mean as well as the peach you are now growing a pear?

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I think, do I have anything embarrassing in my teeth? Is my hair acceptable enough to go out in the world, or do I need to fix my ponytail? I really should dye my hair again. Damn, I have good cheekbones. Is it normal to have this many wrinkles at 45?

The only time it really changes is if I’m trying to step it up a bit, by applying make-up (a rare event.) Then I think, I look a lot better with make-up, and should really do this more often.

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@flutherother LOL…Oh I have a Pair alright, C cup, overflowing these days.
Speaking of mirrors, jeez, have you ever looked straight DOWN into a mirror?
Jeez…do that, and you’ll never be on top again, ever. lololol

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Overflowing AND turning into a man. Talk about your broad market appeal… A&E is holding you a slot.

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@6rant6 Well, I am still a very pretty “man”. lol
I’ll assume you are being humorously sarcastic, otherwise you might need to have that sharp stick extracted from your rectum. Ya know, testosterone is a fighting hormone! lol ;-)

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~ My life’s blood.

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@6rant6 Sooo, if you were an bird you would be a fighting game cock with razor blades taped to your ankles ey? haha

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@Coloma I meant:
~ <= My life’s work; I think maybe you thought I meant testosterone. That’s just a avocation.

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