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How important is privacy to you when it comes to being outside in your yard?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11057points) August 22nd, 2012

The neighbors down the road from my partner just put up a 10 foot fence along the sides of their property and they have tall cedars along the front of their yard. The weird thing is, the 10 foot fencing is along either side of their home, but their backyard (which leads to the beach) is wide open..

How important is privacy to you? What’s your preference?

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A non-issue for me. Anyone who wanted to peep or pry would need the Hale Telescope. I don’t have shades or blinds on my bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room and family room windows.

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I like my privacy a lot. I can do anything I want in my yard.

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I have no fences nor need for privacy; I enjoy the wide open spaces.

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Like @Adirondackwannabe I can do anything. I can, and often do, walk out to the bird feeder 70 meters away dressed only in my undies.
The privacy is very important to me. It is why I chose to live here.

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It is so curious that you asked this question. I am a freak about privacy in my yard, wait, I can explain!

My front yard is totally exposed and my ex decided (for reasons unknown to me and the universe) that it would be f’ing spectacular to move two blocks away with her new GF. That made being in the front yard a torment because they both had a habit of “driving by.” This caused me to hire a lawn service so I wouldn’t be out there. Now that they have moved, I am doing my own yard work in the front.

My backyard is mostly private (6 foot fence), but before I added the fence, the nut-job neighbor behind me kept wandering into my yard to engage me in conversation (there is a lot more to this story, but just know she REALLY is crazy). The city would not allow me to erect a 3 foot stone fence topped with 6 foot wood and electrofied razor wire to keep the creep away from me, so now I settle for 6 feet of wood and a very large German Shepherd to ensure my privacy in the backyard!

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I would prefer to have more privacy in the back yard for people who want to swim in the pool without clothes, but otherwise, it doesn’t matter much to me.

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Not much…while I have a back yard, I’m just renting, so I can’t really do anything to it anyways. It’s already well hidden though; fence and trees. Still, you can see inside plenty of ways. I don’t hang out in my yard much though, and obviously, when I do, I don’t do anything that I wouldn’t want people to see. But if I’m busy burning some bodies and some dude pops up from behind the fence going bababooy bababooy, it’s gonna suck.

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Very. When my ex and I moved into a corner house where the back yard faced a main intersection of roads we put up a fence, planted a line of Leyland Cypress trees all along the fence line, and built a screened in back porch for which I ordered blinds. I just have this thing about feeling like I’m on display. My current backyard is not very private, and I never hang out back there.

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When I lived in apartments, I didn’t go outside to hang out when at home, even the Condo pool area was empty whenever I was home. I would go to nearby parks and beaches, but this was more manageable because everyone was a stranger there and was doing the same thing. I just have a thing about people just chit-chating with me when I want peace and quiet. Now that I’m back here on the farm, I don’t get time to spend outside just hanging out. I would still prefer a 3 foot stone wall topped by 6 more feet around the entire acreage, or at least my own secret garden.

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My deck is fairly private and my neighbors are all a decent distance away. I frequently walk around naked in my house in the daytime, although I am somewhat careful at night to try to keep the lights off in certain rooms when doing so.

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It is important to my partner and me, although for different reasons. In England, back yards (gardens) are typically small and within close quarters. Most of the neighbors can see into our garden, so anything that goes on there is not private.

For the SO, he just wants to keep the rats out, avoid the leer of the neighbor’s chickens, and not have to deal with another neighbor who he claims comes out to talk to him every time he takes garbage out. In his defense, all cases are true. Plus, I’ve met the neighbor several times via conversations over the garden wall. He is a British version of Wilson from Home Improvement.

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I like it, too. If there was no one beside us or behind us, I wouldn’t care. But, at my g/f’s, her backyard is small and the neighbours, nosy.

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MIlo here: I exercise in the nude; unfortunately, there is no one (except the Fed-ex guy occasionally to notice. Here

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My privacy is very important. I tend to walk around the house nude, so I need blinds and other window treatments to keep from giving my neighbors a free show. My backyard I wish was a little more private because I tend to grill or take out the trash without all my clothes on. One side is private because the neighbor has a fence with bushes, and the back backs up to a ball field, it does have a fence with bushes but you can still se through. The other side is completely open to the neighbors yard.

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I doesn’t understand where is the privacy once you go outside. The people are bound to see you once you are outside.

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My ideal yard would be like an outdoor room, an extension of my house. I want the back yard to be another place where I can spend time in peace. The front yard is more of a social place, because that’s where everyone is coming and going.

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@gailcalled: Great pic! Frame-worthy!

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Very, I would add a roof on top of that if I could!

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@Adirondackwannabe Anything. :P
We have a pretty private back garden. My dad made a big wall (He’s an amateur builder) on one side, big untrimmed bushes (that is not a sexual reference) on another.
The end is a fence, just beyond that another tall wall. This means no one can see inside our garden with much ease.

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@Adirondackwannabe Mmmhmm. Anything. ;)

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Very important.

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