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Experienced dog owners: how to potty train my almost 8 weeks puppies?

Asked by silverangel (936points) August 25th, 2012

Mario and Bianca are almost 8 weeks, and I need to know how to potty train them
I searched on the internet, and tried everything I read, but it doesn’t seem to work.
So I thought I could get some help from experienced owners

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Crate training is usually the best way. Have you tried that? I think it is always harder with 2. Do you put them in separate crates? You can google crate training and get heaps of info.

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Just did two puppies, crates for each is the way to go. Where are you located? If you are close to a Petsmart or Petco, they offer training classes for puppies and dogs.

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Two crates Must have two crates

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Take pup out every hour in the early days (especially after they have eaten or drank) and wait until they do something. As soon as they have finished, reward them with either a small treat or some fuss, this may be boring for you but it if you do this for a week they will learn quite quickly where they are meant to go. If they have accidents inside do not give the puppy any attention (this includes negative attention like punishment) because of it. Yelling at them will not solve the problem, instead it can cause fear in the dogs which can often lead to more serious toileting problems in the future (nervous peeing etc). For the days where you are unable to take them out every hour I suggest crate training as well.

I recommend that you have a key word that means it’s time to go to the toilet. When they are doing their business in the right place calmly say something like “toilets” or “business” (whatever word you choose providing you are consistent and don’t use that word as any other command for your dog). Eventually they will learn what the action linked with this word is and it will make toilet training so much easier.

Don’t forget that, at such a young age, accidents are bound to happen but there are some decent sprays that you can get that remove the smell so your dogs are less inclined to go back to that spot to do their business in the future.

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Crate training along with taking the puppies out on regular walking schedules. Give them praise right after they finish going outside (but do not interrupt them during the flow to praise because then they won’t finish their business outside and may have an accident inside.) Do not go more than 4 hrs inbetween walks for at least the first year since they have such little bladders. Good luck with potty training.

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Just remember, that like toddler children, 8 week old puppies do not have the control to become completely potty trained anytime really soon, physically or mentally.
I would say that all my dogs took til they were about 4–5 months old to really grasp the concept, to go to the door to be let out. Often they would go right at the door if I was not quick enough to get there.
Some good advice above, but, just keep in mind that it usually takes most puppies several months to get the hang of what’s expected and you must be PATIENT!

Training is a process that takes time and most important CONSISTENCY!

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One guideline is that puppies can hold their pee for 1 hr for every month of age. So your puppies can hold their pee for 8 hr if properly trained. The people above have provided the best potty training techniques.

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Crates are the way to go. Also, if you have access to older, adult dogs who already know what to do, let them all hang out together. The pups will learn from the pack.

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