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What are the best yoga poses for a beginner to try and learn how to do?

Asked by inquisitivemind2020 (32points) August 26th, 2012

I would like to learn more about yoga because I have heard that it can help with relaxation, and flexibility. I am just not sure where to get started.

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Here are some. Illustrations appear after the text.

Start very slowly and stretch with the breath. Try a few and see how they feel. Listen to your body. If it says, “Don’t,” then don’t. Don’t be heroic either.

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There are yoga classes on YouTube you can try.
Tadassana is a basic standing pose. Downward facing dog is done at every class I’ve ever been too.
You might also want to YouTube the hip sequence and the morning sequence.
I like iyengar yoga because it is really safety focused and uses props so you can do the poses correctly even if modified.

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Child pose. It’s a great pose for a beginner to return to when the going gets too tough.

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A beginning yoga class is probably your best bet. That said, I think sun salutations incorporate a lot of important yoga elements, including attention to breath, and they can be modified for any level of difficulty.

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I agree with @sarahsugs re: sun salutations. They give you some variety and I personally always feel incredibly peaceful after completing a few. If you can do your yoga class outside, I also recommend that.
Some fairly simple poses you should be able to do without much experience: downward dog, child, cat/cow, warrior, cobra (gently. keep your stomach on the ground.)

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It took me six months to get comfortable with sun salutations!

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Look up the “Five Tibetan Rites” on Youtube. They’re very simple and calming.

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