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Does this sound like a fungal spot?

Asked by tan253 (2818points) August 28th, 2012

I have a small (very small) patch of scaly skin under my boob!
It’s actually gotten smaller but it’s still there and I’ve forgotten abou t it until a friend of mine recently was diagnosed with skin cancer.

Does it sound fungal to anyone?
I know it’s silly and i should just go to the Dr but insurance has run out and it’s really very small – it’s the same color as my skin and just scaly.

Any thoughts?

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I was hoping that you were having a carefree and happy time with your baby and had stopped obsessing over this stuff.

Skin cancer will rarely occur on skin where the sun don’t shine.

Put lotion on it and save for a trip to doc’s for something else.

As we age, our skin gets flakier, blotchier and less perfect, I am sad to say.

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I’ve noticed that @gailcalled!!

Lots of weird things, more moles as well – Dr said they were aging moles – thanks Dr.
The fact that it’s gotten smaller makes me feel ok about it – I just realized that it’s still there 5 months later – still BF as well so could be fungal from heat?

Oh also I have stopped obsessing – I swear and my baby is beautiful – xo

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What I would do is get a tube of clotrimazole and apply it to the area three times a day. After a week if it is fungal then it should look visibly improved – if this is the case then it probably was fungal so continue to apply the cream until a couple of weeks after it looks normal (just to be sure), if not then I might consider getting it looked at by someone who knows what they are looking at.

This is just what I would do insert usual internet medical advice disclaimer and small print boiler here

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Is it not, perhaps, wiser to treat it as a flaky itchy piece of skin rather than a fungus that needs a fungicide?

One starts by assuming that it’s a horse and not a zebra.

Dr. is not responsible for us aging…he is the messenger.

Stay out of the sun.

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I would try to treat it as fungas and see what happens.

@gailcalled Many melonomas start on the foot, incuding the soles of the feet.

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wow really! Soles of the feet how strange!
I found some clotrimazole cream so will use that…. should work I think – and it has gotten smaller it’s just still there that’s all – not itchy or bleeding or anything else.

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Why not have a medical doctor take a good look at your skin condition. It could be one of several conditions including fungal, cancer, “AK” (actinic keratosis), or etc. A doctor will be able to determine exactly what it is and offer exact and effective treatments.

It really isn’t a good idea to monkey around with this and take a needless chance with your health.

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I think your baby is beautiful and I’m glad you’ve found some peace and aren’t worried as much. Mention the spot to your doctor or the baby’s doctor on your next visit.

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@gondwanalon Cancer won’t get better in a week from using an antifungal.

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@JLeslie Thank you for that wonderful information.

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Does it look like this if so just get any yeast infection medicine and put some on there instead of the normal place you would put it since its typically yeast that forms under the breast.

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Flaky dry skin will not get better from using and antifungal either. First ID the problem, then treat it with the simplest solution to start with.

There is also the possibility of prickly heat, if you are wearing snug nursing bras and whipping the fronts up and down all the time, plus the moisture factor.

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I had a spot on my breast about the size of a dime that was dry and itchy. My doctor said it was psoriasis, told me to use cortizone 10 on it and it is gone now. Not everything that shows up on your skin is cancer.

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@gailcalled If it is a fungal infection it will. Dry flaky skin in patches is fungal a lot of the time. There is a soap obe can use to keep it under control in general if people are prone to it. I’d have to look it up. Dandruff shampoo like Nizoral can work on Tinea too I think? I’d have to look that up to, but I am just about to log off, I can come back later.

@gondwanalon I have enough trouble getting a derm appointment. If it is reasonable for someone to try to self treat for several days I prefer they do that.

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I have made a time with the Dr – its about 2mm so very tiny but thought i’d go anyway.
@bkcunningham thankyou! x
im assuming its fungal as it came up 1 month into breast feeding…and has gotten smaller – but now all this talk of cancer has me paranoid!

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