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I need some help learning to make videos (Windows Movie Maker)

Asked by DarknessWithin (981points) September 1st, 2012

So I would really love to start making some videos on Window’s Movie Maker. I have several ideas in mind for my favorite series’. But I don’t even know how to begin.

How do I get clips onto the maker from a DVD?
What are some good sites I can find clips from series I don’t own on DVD(I have searched myself with NO findings)?

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Depending on the series, you may or may not be able to get such clips legally. As for how to get them from a DVD, you have to rip it to a format that WMM recognizes (I forget off the top of my head which formats they are; I think WMV and AVI are safe assumptions though). WMM cannot read a straight DVD rip.

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@jerv ok thank you, converting shouldn’t be a problem if necessary. What are some rippers you suggest?

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A simple way is to just drag your movie clips to the thing and begin to arange them the way you want them to follow each other. there are some frames at the bottom that allows you to add some effects such as text ,sound and others if any. I have never used it or learnt to use it but i just did. I just began by dragging some photos there and arranging them, putting some text and sound and it worked out. you can also cut a movie clip to use a portion of it whether the middle or last portion of it. Its not a big deal

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