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Do you think self-help writers are really experts about the subject they write about or is it just a job?

Asked by mghb (110points) June 3rd, 2008

I know several writers, and they don’t seem to know their own advice, and don’t seem to apply it to their own lives. Just wondering if I am the only one how has noticed this.

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it’s all a scam. self-help writers don’t really say anything.

throw a few words like “success” “positivity” “empowerment” “goals” around you can get rich.

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Some writers “just can’t help themselves”...

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All a big woo-woo scam for the most part.

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Eckhart Tolle is pretty right on!

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if they weren’t experts before writting they should be after.

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It depends on the book and the writer totally. I don’t think you can generalize. I will say there are a lot of not-so-substantive self-help books out there.

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Have you heard the expression, “We teach what we need to learn?” There are some authentic writers—probably the 20–80 rule—20 percent are genuine. For me, the rest have perhaps had a successful first book and then seem to catch the wave of whatever is next in the area of self-help and are successful because they have name recognition. I agree with Babo, Tolle seems to be authentic and offers up some amazing stuff.

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#1. I hope its a job.
#2. I’m curious as to whether any self-help book ever helped anyone.

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I think some are experts, some are expert writers.

I wonder whether they actually give a shit.

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