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Is there a song that makes you want to drive fast?

Asked by Notreallyhere (728points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone

for me it’s “Sweet child of mine”

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Just about any song on Deep Purple’s Machine Head

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Speed Demon – Impellitteri
27 Needles – John 5
The Art Of Shredding – Pantera

it always gets me going, hehe, and there’s loads more, this is just from the top of my head

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Every song. Hehe, I just like to drive fast. =)

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Anything by Foo Fighters!!

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Not a song I like, but I guess it fits the question.

Rhianna – Shut Up and Drive

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The Distance on Fashion Nugget by Cake

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also the Mr. & Mrs. Smith soundtrack by John Powell

(the other John Powell)

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…more specifically, Highway Star off Deep Purple’s Machine Head album (released in 1972, the year I graduated high school).

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Nobody gonna take my car
Im gonna race it to the ground
Nobody gonna beat my car
Its gonna break the speed of sound

oooh yeah!

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I can’t drive 55.

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For some reason the tempo and intensity of Prodigy’s “Smack My B*#ch Up” works especially pulling out of L.A. drive time traffic.

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I love driving fast…. Unknown soldier by the casualties…. Raining blood by slayer, children of the dammed by iron maiden,
puritana by dimmu borgir.

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Any Rage Against the Machine song

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Pretty Handsome Awkward—The Used.

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Any time I pop in my trance CD’s.

That fast, continuous bass beat makes me floor it!

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“Brooklyn is Burning” – Head Automatica

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“Thunder Kiss 65” – White Zombie

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Radar Love

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The last speeding ticket I got was after I had just put the first Buzzcocks album on and the track playing was ‘Fast Cars’ (what the? There’s no sirens in Fast Cars…oh) so I guess that one does it for me. I had blasted through some one-horse town ( actually called Clinton ) without noticing.

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eminem’s “soldier”

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casey jones.

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This version is faster than the original:

Casey Jones… better stop smokin’
Casey Jones… gonna end up dead
Casey Jones… better lay the pipe down
Crack Jack’s gonna wack you in the old Crack Head.
Who let him in… In Like Flynn!
Who let him out… Knock him all about!
Bob’s your uncle!

by CrackJack

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“are you gonna be my girl” – jet
“alive and amplified” – the mooney suzuki

and basically any crazy rock music.

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anything by the beastie boys

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haha theres a song that makes me wanna drive like an idiot (Redneck – Lamb of god) but nothing that makes me wanna drive fast :)

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