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Does anyone know of any programs that let's me send pics from my iphone?

Asked by micksarecool (53points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone

I use to use that pktpix thing but it was real hit or miss but now I dont think it works at all is there any program like that so I can send pics from my iPhone without emailing them

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theres a program called swirlymms, google it. but you have to hack the phone using the jailbreak software. google that too

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Where/who are you sending the pictures to? It’s through e-mail, but, you can send to friends with MMS if you set up a secondary address using their provider’s MMS address. Hope I explained that well enough.

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he said that he didnt want to email them, in the last part of the question

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Yeah and does anyone know which website will let me upload photos from the iPhone or itouch???? Photobucket doesn’t work, I tried a few others but they don’t work either.

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idk, maybe flickr?

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