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Is it better to just drink coffee instead of energy drinks?

Asked by Blackberry (30929points) September 20th, 2012

Are energy drinks that bad? Should people just drink coffee for energy instead? What about 5 hour energy?

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It’s cheaper.

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Why not get your energy the old-fashioned way? Food, exercise, rest, stress-reduction and attitude.

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I once drank 16 oz of redbull (approx 473 ml) and I almost threw up. My suggestion is to avoid both and just drink water instead.

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@gailcalled At the moment, I can’t do anything about the rest and stress reduction, lol.

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Does drinking those caffeine-loaded beverages actually make you feel better or is there a rebound factor?

Sorry about the state of affairs in your life.

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I don’t “crash” as bad as some seem to make it out, but there is a small sluggish period after. The energy is good, though.

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Definitely better. Energy drinks contain unproven and potentially harmful stuff that coffee does not. Despite all the propaganda about the evils of caffeine and coffee, those who drink one to two cups a day live longer than those who abstain. And coffee is WAY better for your bank account than those outrageously priced energy drinks.

Besides, I tried one Redbull just to see what the fuss was all about, and I hardly could gag the mess down. It tasted disgusting.

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Energy drinks are full of sugar. Lots of sugar makes me feel energetic for a little while, and then I crash. With the caffeine still in my system, I just feel shitty and punchy after that.

They’re both probably pretty bad for you, though.

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It just seems to me that coffee is something I can look at, tell you what it is, there is only one ingredient, so it’s gotta be better than energy drinks. I mean when I have had red bulls in the past my thought process during is always “What is this taste I’m tasting??????” It’s some crazy fake sugars and what not I feel like, that can not be better than just coffee.

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Coffee supposedly has some postive things in it, so I would say the coffee is better.

Caffeine more than anything makes people feel alert, but the down side is as we withdraw it makes us sleepy. Keeping a constant level of caffeine usually does not reduce the amount of hours someone actually sleeps once addicted, that’s why people deny being addicted. They say, “I can go to sleep right after drinking a coke.” But, miss your caffeine fix and you will feel it hard. Sleepy, headache, I even look and feel a little under the weather. People ask me if am ok when I first stop drinking caffeine. I had stopped for many many years, but as I have mentioned on other Q’s, I have cheated a lot the last few years. Anyway, I recommend cutting back a little, you might feel better overall after a week or so. To feel a bad crash, with full blown headache and misery, you would need to skip your normal caffeine time and then wait another 6–10 hours probably.

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I don’t like coffee or the taste of any of those energy drinks, and rarely drink any caffeinated beverages at all. On the few occasions I’ve needed a serious quick energy boost, I’ve gone the five hour energy route, just because they’re tiny and I can gulp them down quickly. It does the job for the short term, which is all I needed. I wouldn’t do it regularly, that’s for sure.

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I usually buy the Monster Java brand. It’s really expensive and it gives me a jolt. It’s like several cups of coffee. I need to figure out how to make this stuff at home. I would save a bundle.

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I agree coffee is way better then energy drinks. If you feel you must and caffiene in moderation does have benefits. Problem is most people are addicted. Rockinwellness is a product I have found to be simply amazing for sustained energy and mental clarity. It is all organic and worth the price there are so many benefits I have looked up all the ingredients and am impressed and it tastes good way better then 5 hour energy. It has yerba matte n which does contain some caffeine if I recall correctly though in a small amount as well as its first ingredient is raw cocoa. But directly compared compared to coffee the amount is less then. Haven’t needed coffee or stimulant since then.

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@DWW25921 Get an espresso mahine, preferably one that also makes cappuccino and latte. Love latte.

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@ETpro Now there’s some solid wisdom!

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