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What can/should I do to my exhaust system?

Asked by Fred931 (9409points) September 23rd, 2012

I have a ‘90 Pontiac TGP with a couple of mods on it (computer, new air filter, fuel injector swap). It sounds very, very nice. If you can put your ear up to the exhaust tip the whole drive.

So, yes, I am asking how to make more noise, and that’s all. I don’t want to get rid of the cat just because I don’t want to make my share of hole in the ozone any larger, even though Alabama doesn’t have mandatory emissions testing.

So, could I just take my car to a shop and say, “make it louder,” or would I have to do this myself, and if so, what kind of process does this entail? I can probably take it to a shop class at a tech center I attended last year and have all the tools and shop equipment I would need, as well as the educator and the extra muscle to help. What kind of parts would I need? How much should this job cost?

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You could remove the muffler and replace it with a Glass-pack type muffler. That will make it louder, add a little Horse Power and still be legal.

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Another option is a cat-back system. I replaced the 1¾” pipes in my first car with 2” and that alone made it sound a little louder and a bit deeper even with the cat and a normal muffler. It also altered my powerband slightly; a little weaker at low RPMs, a little stronger at the top end. Note that I said “normal” muffler and not “stock” muffler, as necking a 2” pipe down to a 1¾’ muffler would have defeated the purpose. (I was merely seeking to reduce backpressure.)

Also note that many cat-back systems come with a straight-through “glass pack” muffler. Together with the bigger pipes, you will get some real noise going.

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OK. Now, is a cat-back system (And I do know what that term means after some Googling) something I can outright purchase, or will I be buying individual bits and pieces? I know the dual exhaust on my car was only for the limited Turbo model, so I don’t see the former as likely to be an option.

You must not remember how anal I am about working on cars. :)

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Took a good look at the piping underneath, and it isn’t true dual if that’s what I implied by accident, but it does split before the mufflers. It looks to be 2–2.5” (and I have asked on the car-specific forum) before and 2” after. I know I’m not ready to change the whole exhaust to a different diameter, so I think I have an idea of what to do. I want to put a single muffler before the split and put pipe where the old mufflers are removed. Would that work?

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A cat-back will get you a bit more noise + a few hp. You ought to be able to get a set for exactly your car, so you won’t have to piece it together. If you have the money, swap in a high flow cat too – that will get you a few more hp.

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@RocketGuy The problem is that there is no set specifically for my car, as far as I can Google. If you find a system, please give me a link. Again it is a 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo/McLaren (either/or).

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