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How can I tell if I have variable assist power steering or if I don't?

Asked by trypaw (332points) September 23rd, 2012

I need to know so I can replace my power steering pressure hose. 1998 Dodge stratus. Is there somewhere under the hood or the trunk I can look? Thank you for your help!

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Look in the owner’s manual.

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It talks about it but it doesn’t say if I have it or not. It talks about other features in the Manuel that my car doesn’t have aswell. So I’m really confused, and I really need to know this soon.

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Is there also an option where the car has a power steering assist that is not variale, or are just trying to find out whether your car has power steering assist?

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@whitenoise I’m just trying to figure out if it has power steering variable assist. I know it has power steering but need to know if its “variable assist”.

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OK… That may be harder. Can you not contact dodge, or a dealer, share the VIN and get an answer?

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