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What's the name of this story...

Asked by dizoriented (34points) June 30th, 2007

Hi folk!

First, excuse me for my bad english. Now to the question. I read a story, sort of science fiction detective, when I was teenager, about 15 year ago. It was about scientist, who discovered method to deactivate nuclear arms all over the world by means of some special radio signal. He built device and remote control to it, and sent a letter to authorities of all nuclear power possessing countries. In letter he urged them to disarm all their nuclear weapons and gave them deadline at which he intented to activate his device. After that he just had to be on the run.

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Was it written in English, from what country was the author?

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It was in russian, but it was translated from english. No idea who was the author.

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I remember this story as well. I want to say it was Kurt Vonnegut, but maybe just that ilk. As I remember it, he had the ability to do it just by thinking really hard. The story was told by his student, who somehow was going to have the secret transferred to him. the government had the guy in a secret house, where they were testing whether he could really do what he said he could...does that help? Now it's going to drive me crazy too.

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No, that's another story. It was physical device, not mental power at all. Just a few moments I remember:

- he needed a car, so he decided to apply to job as taxi driver. It wasn't his hometown, so he had to learn a map very well. So he bought one and crammed it all over the night

- he repainted the car

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That was really really great story! If we find out it's name, I recommend all to read it!

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Tough question. The short story kfingerman is thinking of is "Report on the Barnhouse Effect," by Kurt Vonnegut.

I don't know the other one. You could start by looking at this list of Russian science fiction writers. Maybe you recognize a name?

You could also try to remember where you read the story. In a collection? A magazine? That might be a good place to start looking.

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Hello, folk!

Finally, I found it!!!
It's Bob Shaw's "Ground Zero Man (The Peace Machine)".
Thanks, LX from forum!

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