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How do I go about hitching one car to another?

Asked by Michael (2685points) June 30th, 2007

I'm driving across country and have two cars. Is it possible to hitch one to the other so I don't need a second driver?

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If one of the cars has a trailer hitch, you should be able to put the drive wheels of the 2nd car on a mini-trailer and haul it that way.

A new trailer hitch trailer rental is probably going to be cheaper than driving the 2nd car...

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I don't know all that much about cars, but perhaps a tow dolly would work if your front car's big enough and your back car has front-wheel drive and is light enough ... check out the ehow article on using a tow dolly ...

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make sure the car that's doing the towing is rated to pull the weight of the car being towed. that is, my prius weighs around 2900 pounds and is rated to carry 500 pounds of cargo. so i would never tow anything larger than a st. bernard on rollerskates...

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yeah ... listen to him, don't listen to me ... I don't know anything about cars (which makes me wonder ... how did it get on my "questions for you" list?)

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I would advise not attempting to drag one car with another across the country. If one was a pickup truck or maybe an SUV, you could attempt it with a towing dolly. You should consider using a moving company to ship the car, such as United Van Lines (not a plug for that company, just the only one I could think of). They'll drag it behind one of their huge moving trucks that's going across the country anyway.

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Thanks to everyone for answering this question. The resolution: based in no small part on the advice of Flutherites, I decided to ship the car instead of towing it. Thank you all again!

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you could invest in 5th wheel hitches and tow one of them. the hitches will help no matter the weight of the tow vehicle. I know of good fifth wheel hitches at their hitches are good.

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