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Pinch or toss in the case of a fly landing?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) September 25th, 2012

You come from the bathroom or condiment bar and you see a fly land on your burger just as you are steps away. You shoo the fly away but the disgusting critter has walked on 10 mm of your burger. Do you get so grossed you toss the whole burger, or do you shave off or remove the the part the fly landed on and eat the remaining 98.99% of the burger the fly didn’t land on? How do you weigh into this debate?

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A fly walking across a hamburger for a few seconds isn’t any worse than all the other unseen things we inhale and ingest in our daily travels. I am not an overly squeamish type, so I would just brush the fly away and eat my burger. I have found worse bugs in my food, like a stir fried cockroach from a Thai place. lol

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I might scrape off the fly part unless I can control myself and tell myself it is not something to worry about.

The image I usually have is of a fly that has been walking on shit, first. But I’m not sure if that is likely. Flies that like shit may not like meat.

In any case, what if the fly landed and you weren’t looking at the time, and then it took off? You’d eat the burger and never know. Who knows what happens inside food establishments. I just got food poisoning twice in a week from two separate pizza joints. What’s that all about?

I’ve eaten stuff flies were on with no problem, too.

I think the issue is mostly psychological. It’s not a high risk adventure. Eat the damn burger and don’t think about it!

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Ah, who cares. I’m more concerned about what that burger’s going to do to my digestive system than I am what the fly is carrying.

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@Seek_Kolinahr LOL…true, me too. The fly is the least of the issues.My visual has more to do with the decomposing beef in my belly. Gah! haha

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I’m totally with the women on this. (And I salute them for their lack of squeamishness. I’ve known other women who wouldn’t be able to eat anything – much less the burger in question – for two days after witnessing this.)

As for me, I already know that there’s a certain amount of e. coli bacteria on the burger, the bun, the plate, my own hands, etc., no matter how clean I try to make myself, my kitchen or anywhere else. The little bit that a fly’s feet adds? Insignificant.

And apart from that, the burger itself has enough things in it normally: fat, nitrates from the cooking process, cholesterol and calories galore just to start, that a fly is the least of my worries.

Maybe I should start eating flies.

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If we become TOO germaphobic, one day, them germs are gonna win, and win big because we will near-eradicate our immune system’s fighting power.

I’ll slop mustard and A-1 on it, and eat that dang burger. I’m descended from good ol’ white-trash stock, after all.

But, I promise you this, I’d have washed my hands before leaving the bathroom and probably would have used the paper towel on the door handle… LOL!

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I go at a different angle. If I’m outdoors and see a fly, I am ok. I am OK with one fly indoors and would just go on eating. BUT if I am in a restaurant and there are flies all over the place and one landed on my burger, I’d start thinking about why there were so many flies in the restaurant. My brain will invent dirty, maggot infested images going on behind the counter. I can’t help it. I’d have to leave.

I don’t consider myself germaphobic, but when I see a host of flies, it turns me off.

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Well, I kiss my geese and the horses on the lips, so I am always ingesting microscopic amounts of dirt and dung no doubt. lol

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I’ll eat it but be more concerned about the other fly that was killed and buried in my burger by that murderous other fly. That was just despicable, destroying evidence of his evil deed by letting me ingest it, gone forever from any court of fly law.

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I’m not as worried about the fly as I am about the mosquito carrying West Nile Virus. Right now there’s a greater statistical probability of that rather than anything a fly is carrying around.

Also, if a fruit fly lands in my coffee and perishes, I certainly don’t dump out a perfectly good cup of coffee. I just fish out the fly corpse (they are very small and annoying) and continue enjoying my coffee.

And I’m still alive to tell the tale.

As for your proposed scenario, I’d be in far more real danger (and psychological disgust ) by the hamburger itself. Have you ever done any research on “pink slime” which is a LEGAL part of the majority of commercial hamburger meat sold.

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@mazingerz88 I’ll eat it but be more concerned about the other fly that was killed and buried in my burger by that murderous other fly. Are you sure it was a murderous fly? It could be fly remnants left over when the fry cook used the spatula as a fly swatter.

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Yeah, @mazingerz88, “Flies don’t kill flies; people kill flies.”

Well, people and spiders. Spiders are our friends.

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I’d just eat the burger.

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@Coloma Well, I kiss my geese and the horses on the lips, so I am always ingesting microscopic amounts of dirt and dung no doubt.

Do your boyfriends know this? Before or after you kiss them?

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@wundayatta I don’t kiss and tell, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.
My last boyfriend was infatuated with Marwyn, he called him ” his son.” haha ;-)

Hey, off topic but who likes the word DUNG!

Wots brown and sounds like a bell?
DUNG! lolol

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Fly footprints are the least of my health concerns when eating a burger. (All the other garbage that gets put into the burger during manufacture – that’s why I only eat veggie-burgers). I’d shoo the fly away and eat the burger. I’d have eaten it anyway if I didn’t see the fly, so what’s the difference?

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Recently I had a tree frog launch off the wall on my deck and sail over my face as I was coming in the door. It peed as it leaped and I had frog pee spattered on my face. Such is life in my neck o’ the woods.

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Fuck it, I’m eating it. And if the fly is still there when I’m eating, that’s his problem.

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See, i’m not “shooing” the bugger away, i’m going to splat the fucker regardless of how much ketchup spits onto neighbouring customer type folks.
When it comes to my food, I strop very easily…“me no want now!!”

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Man I dont fuckin care, I’ve eaten far worse things in processed food before.

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You eat it and don’t think about it or the bugs in the kitchen or the guy who is not real careful about his toiletry habits or the fact that you were just scratching your testicles as you got out of the car.

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Not to take this too far off topic, but in line with @Coloma‘s little gem above:

What’s long and brown and sticky?





ʞɔıʇs ɐ

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An easy decision. Toss the burger and eat the fly.

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@gailcalled Brilliant, answer of the day nomination. haha

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The fly is free-range and not raised in medieval torture chambers.

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Yes, I boycott veal flies. haha

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I wouldn’t think twice about eating it or scraping it or anything. It’s just a fly. If it were a spider, however, that would be a different story…

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I won’t eat burgers unless I mince the meat myself. I have seen what they toss into purchased burger and I don’t care where you buy it!

Now if I have minced the steak to make that burger, that damned fly is in trouble, he better hi-tail it out of there asap or his ass is grass. Once I have disposed of the interloper, I will sit down and enjoy my burger. I would rather contend with a fly than many other much more disgusting things.

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