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The Presidential race aside, what political race in the current US election season are you watching?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30391points) September 25th, 2012

I am particularly intrigued by the race for the open US Senate seat here in Hawai`i. One of our current US Representatives, a Democrat, is running against a former governor, a Republican.

Other than the Presidential race, are you watching any races closely? They may be for Congress or your state or local level.

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I don’t know if it’s because I’m jaded over the “climate” of U.S. politics since 2001 or if it’s because I’m juggling job, school, new born and projects or if I’ve fallen out of love with politics but I seriously have no clue what is going on at the local level here in San Diego. I know there’s Filner vs… Well I’m sure Filner will win. Something cool about that is it’ll probably be the first democratic mayor of San Diego in a while. I would LOVE for San Diego to finally not be known as California’s most Republican city. Downtown and culture will flourish I can feel it in the air to night.

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The one I’m most familiar with is Scott Brown R vs. Elizabeth Warren D, for one of the US Senate seats for Massachusetts.

I’d vote for Warren if I lived there.

I’ll be voting for Dianne Feinstein D this November, but I don’t know who her opponent will be at this time. :-o

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I’m also rooting for a Warren win in Mass, @Brian1946. Go Elizabeth!

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I am watching all if them. This is an election to see if the USA keeps following the trickle down theory of economics even though it has led to the worst wealth disparity in US history, We are truly deciding whether we let the Republicans take us back to the wage slavery of the late 1800’s, where there was virtually no middle class and robber barons ruled the roost in a game rigged entirely to make them ever more wealthy. Do we want to become a third world country with a huge underclass and a tiny handful of elites in the top 0.0001% who own the government and uses its power merged the power of large corporations (Fascism) to ensure the elites prepetually rule.

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Also most interested in Warren v. Brown. If Obama and Warren win I would be ecstatic for her to run for president in 2016.

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Put down another for Warren in Massachusetts. Donated $5 to her campaign yesterday, lol.

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Todd Akin’s race is funny as hell. I am also a Warren fan.

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I will have the pleasure of voting for Warren in November (and I’ve contributed to her campaign). I’m getting quite nervous, however. Way too many neighborhoods are littered with Brown signs, and the polls look close or leaning Brown, from what I can tell.

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My local races are pretty well decided so nothing really to watch there. I’m watching all of congressional seats in the sense that, like @ETpro, I think this is going to be an interesting to see which path people take. The people have complained heartily that congress can’t get anything done which foretells their incredibly low approval, 10%. I’m particularly curious to see if D’s pull more senate seats and significantly close the house gap or if fear of Obama drives another gridlock session of hard line R’s.

An individual I’m keeping an eye on is Todd Akin. I mean really, that says a lot, none of it good, if he can get elected. Here’s a glimpse and a couple take-aways:

“This is an act of conscience on my part – I didn’t like seeking a guy getting beaten up by the power structure,” Gingrich said [regarding his upcoming Akin fundraiser].

Julie Thomas, [pro-life, mother of three who organized a women-for-Akin rally] praised Akin as “a man with unparalleled character.” “Whenever he got thrown under the bus by his own party, I just said, `uh, uh.’ That was a tipping point for me,” Thomas said.

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Here in Texas, not really watching anything.
Our choices are all in the category of “who is the most conservative”. Libs don’t even bother anymore.
Am interested in the Akin race and also will be watching to see what happens to Arpaio when he comes up for re-election.

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Here in California just about everything is already set except for the propositions. Nationally, I am watching Akin in Missouri, and Warren in Massachusetts.

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MA and MI for me, also.

Apparently yesterday was the deadline for delusional Akin (and Gingrich) to withdraw. Despite pleas from Romney and the RNC (the money guys,) Akin said that he’s staying. The GOP has essentially conceded the election in Missouri.

Wisely waiting until Akin was hooked, McCaskill has now starting spending her money; ’’...,she has begun airing a television ad citing Akin “in his own words.” It begins by quoting Akin as having said in March 2011 on C-SPAN regarding the Social Security system: “I don’t like it.” The ad concludes with his rape remark last month and asks, “What will he say next?”

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I’m watching the Senate race here in Ohio. Josh Mandell versus Sherrod Brown. The ugliness of the ads from both sides is disheartening.

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I am watching the governor of Utah race. We have a choice between Gov. Herbert, who is an LDS, stick-up-the-a** Republican, and Rob McKenna, who is an LDS, stick-up-the-a** Republican. Interesting. I wonder who I should vote for?

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There’s a couple of local congressional races that could switch back to Democratic hands. According to Real Clear Politics, it seems like the Rs will have at least a 23 seat majority after the election. That’s if the Ds run the table on the 26 seats supposedly up for grabs.

However, there doesn’t seem to be much polling on local races, and things seem to be dramatically swinging in Obama’s direction at this point. I think Rs are giving up to some degree, as Romney keeps on saying stupid shit and doesn’t give any details on his plan. Even they are beginning to suspect that the reason he won’t say anything is that it will be bad news for even Republicans. Obama’s criticisms are hitting home: he can’t reduce taxes for the rich and balance the budget without hitting the middle class hard.

My guess is that there are going to be some surprises in House elections. The trends are going in favor of Ds and that the Tea Party is going to get a serious skunking this time around. Hopefully, that means a much more compliant House, if a majority isn’t achievable. However, I’m not going to hold my breath on that one.

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I am following the Warren / Brown election. I sincerely hope that she wins & I, too, have contributed (in a small way) to her campaign. However, I know that Karl Rove is directing smear tactics against her…. it remains to be seen if her base is swayed by the campaign ads that Rove is constructing.

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Another one I’m interested in is Claire McCaskill D vs Todd Akin R.

Because I don’t believe that any rape is legitimate and that if a rape victim gets pregnant, it still means that she was raped, I would vote for Claire if I lived in MO.

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Not really following much of it, because I don’t think things are really going to change. However, I just got my voter guide today, so I spent some time researching the propositions we have on the ballot. I think that’s where the real changes are going to be: initiatives, propositions, and the like. I know there’s a couple regarding legalization of marijuana, and a couple of states are voting on gay marriage. I’m not a fan of ballot box legislating, but that’s where I see some really stark choices these days, and not so much the national parties.

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