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What are some good time-wasting websites that you enjoy?

Asked by jca (35976points) September 26th, 2012

For me, it’s mostly Facebook and Fluther, and some blogs (I like blogs on creativity like crafts and decorating). I also go to Pinterest sometimes.

What sites do you like for time-killing? I am asking because I’d like to check some out and find some I enjoy.

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StumbleUpon. I can spend HOURS Stumbling.

The blog will literally have you wetting yourself it’s so funny.

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Lately I am really enjoying Buzzfeed,

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Fluther for sure. Huffington Post sometimes for its entertainment value. Slate sometimes.

I’m not a big games player; usually I go to sites that have something interesting to read.

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You mean there are other websites other than Fluther???

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I spend way too much time at home playing Spades on Yahoo!

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I like stuff like Buzzfeed,, Snopes, StraightDope and,

And then there’s Reddit…. but if you join it, just know you may never escape

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I spend a lot of time playing solitaire for points on a game site that allows me to exchange points for chances to win prizes.

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I second I love the countdowns that they have. I also used to spend a lot of time stumbling upon things.

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No Excuse List
Though I don’t consider it wasted time

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STFU Parents
List Verse
Daily Mail
Go Fug Yourself
I can has…
Ghost Study

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Dear me! I was going to answer, but now I have to go check out all these sites! buh-bye

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Answerology is fun, too, sometimes. They have a whole different system of lurve (some of it even negative), which can be fun to play with. They also, um… seem to have a hell of a lot more traffic there, too.

And if you can answer the dream questions, you’re in like Flynn. But if you don’t want to answer them, you can POP them (post-on-post) and have even more fun with them.

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