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How painful can be getting a tattoo?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone

what part of the body would be less painful? And most painful?

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it seriously differs for every one. Lot’s of people say the foot, triceps, chest, ribs…so like i said it depends on each person. I have my foot done and it didnt hurt

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I’m not going to lie- my tat on my wrist hurt but not for a long time. Your adrenaline kicks in and the pain kind of goes away. Autumn is right- it is different for everyone. I know lots of people that felt no pain at all.

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I just had one done on my back yesterday. It’s placed between the shoulder-blades, on the spine.
It hurt, but not overwhelmingly. I just kept reminding myself of past dentist experiences and in comparison it wasn’t bad at all.

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if you get more than one your body will eventually become numb to were ever you get the tats

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You got it done w? I remember you mentioning you were going too! Thats so exciting (they’re addicting!).

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I did!! finally! – and yes they are. I already have several ideas for more :)

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In general, the more muscle/fat in the area, the less painful (calf vs. ankle, for example). However, the final determinate is the density of nerve endings present in the patch of skin (highest are fingertips, face, lips, and genitals, if I remember correctly).

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i have about a third of my body covered….. the wrist and crook(inside part of elbow?) of your arm hurt…. the chest hurts too, as for the back, i have my back covered and my warning is simple….. the lower the back, the more pain

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I’m not sure if I should thank you or curse at you for sharing that info! I’ve of course come up with an idea for an elaborate design to cover most of my back…...

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LOL!! I would think about it wildflower!!

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Close to a bone, pain. Muscle and fat over the bone, less pain.

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Stay away from wrists and elbows if you are easily susceptible to pain.

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Go heavily medicated on pain meds and you won’t feel a thing (at least that’s what someone told me). I like pain and am working on my third but not sure where to put it.

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Anyone have experience of getting tattoos on their feet? How painful is that? I’ve seen some fabulous looking ones and have an idea for one for myself….

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@wildflower: its painful. My cousin has one on the top of her foot of a heart with wings: its huge, and gorgeous, but was painful. I’d recommend taking a pain med! And I encourage you to get one there because I agree. I’ve seen some fabulous ones too.

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That’s what I thought. I’ve got something based on this in mind, where it would go around the foot and the dragon head sneaks up the heel.

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Oh I love it! I say go for it. I think the pain is worth it. Its not too bad, its just if your
feet are bony on top my cousin said she could feel the needle go over every bone on your foot. :)

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very it will leave blood stains and like it will mess up ur muscles and u’ll like be screaming in pain pain! It will hurt rlly bad and you’ll have a near death exp if ur weak and u could even die if the mess up… O well good luck =)

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@iphonehellper; after just about every tat there are blood stains. Its like an open wound, of course it will bleed a bit. And death? No way, not likely to happen. If a tattoo artist messes up that bad they obviously don’t know what theyre doing and might not even have a license.

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i just had one yesterday on my inner arm…hurts like mad! it’s awesome tho.
feet, hands hurt. the best place is the bicep area…i almost fell asleep. it is different for everyone.
always go to a reputable artist.

not all bleed. mine didn’t. it feels like a sunburn…like when you put on clothes over a bad sunburn. takes about 5 ays to heal…then just put on white lotion to prevent peeling. wipe the “ooze” off the first 3–4 days and wash it 5–6 times day with mild, antibotic soap (provon is bet). wipe to prevent scabbing which takes ink out.

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i have one on the inside of my arm.. (the nerve endings bit) that was a bit sore.. but I also have one on the back of my left legm just up from my ankle, my friend had one in the smae place, his was fine, mine felt like he was dragging a hot knife through my skin..

At the same time they touched up the one on my arm (telling me its the worst place to have one) and that was fine.. I guess the rules dont apply to everyone!!

and yes i want another.

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I think it depends entirely on where you get it. I got my first tattoo on my wrist a little less than a year ago. The pain was pretty mild on the sides of my arm. Once we hit the middle of my wrist it was pretty intense though.

Still, not knowing what to expect was the worst part. It hurts, but it’s really not a big deal. There was no screaming or crying involved.

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