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Why are things deemed as nasty as soon as they are deemed to be unwanted?

Asked by Nimis (13122points) October 9th, 2012 from iPhone

That other question about nasty leftovers got me thinking about this again.

Why does something that you were just eating suddenly become nasty once you’ve had your fill? Unless you’ve had it hanging out for awhile, what exactly is nasty about leftover soup?

Or hair from a haircut. Not even other people’s hair. I’ve seen people grossed out by their own hair. It was just on your head a second ago!

I’m not asking to rant. i genuinely don’t understand this. Admittedly, I can be a bit dense about such things. Any explanation beyond It just is! would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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I think the nasty is in the eye of the beholder.

Leftover soup is only nasty if it was nasty before it was leftover. As long as you get to them before they spoil, most soups taste better the second time around as they have had more time to blend their flavors.

I keep hair trimmings to spread over my garden, it helps to keep the animals away from the crops. Dryer lint makes good tinder for starting fires with damp wood.

Usually if there is not enough leftover soup to eat myself, I will pour it over the dogs’ kibble for the day.

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@WestRiverrat I totally agree with you. So…no lurve for you! I’m trying to understand the other mindset here.

Just kidding. Thanks for reading my stupid question and sharing.

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Not for me. “Nasty” refers specifically to smelly or objectively dirty things. Dog poop is nasty, as is vomit. Rotten eggs are horribly nasty. The cuffs of my work pants, saturated with grease and dirt, are nasty.

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Nasty would be leftovers that are past being edible for me. Prawn heads and the like are evil. Overall though, veggie scraps are great for the garden and leftover casserole, curry, soup.. always better after the first day anyway.

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Im not sure. I personally don’t find either of your examples nasty but have seen it from others. I would agree with @Nullo as to what I find nasty.

The hair thing has really always baffled me though. Like you just ran your fingers through my hair and complemented me on how soft and silky it was but if a piece fell out in the process its totally nasty? Huh? I will say there is something a bit off putting with a big ol clump of hair in the drain of the shower but not nasty enough to be skeeved out by it. I mean really think about it, its pretty damn clean at this point with all the soap suds rinsing over it, ya just pick it up and throw it out. It does look unsightly though.

Hair +Food= Totally Nasty lol

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I’ve been told sometimes the same thing happens immediately ofter orgasm.

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Lampreys, now lampreys are nasty! But leftover soup – unless it has become a biology project – is not.

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The nastiest of nasty is the gross little bits of food that get trapped in the drain strainer thingy in the kitchen sink and hairballs in the shower.
Being blonde I am especially grossed out by black hairballs. lol
I make amazing soups and my soups are never nasty as leftovers.
This mornings gross out nasty moment was stepping, in my socks, into the cats paper plate of canned food.

Mmmm…nothing like Trout souffle on your sock at 7 a.m. lol

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Food becomes nasty entirely on it’s own after being left on the plate too long.

The unused portion of the food we eat is definitely nasty after it passes through our body.

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In my little world, food is only nasty if it bites you first.

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Opened the fridge today to find Cream of Broccoli soup growing mold. Now that was nasty!

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I dunno. When I think of “nasty leftovers” I don’t think of food that is only 2–3 days old. I think of food that is a week gone, and I know it will smell if I toss it in the trash without double or triple bagging it first. So… I’m not sure if others think of any leftovers as nasty, but for me, it has to be old to be nasty.

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Isn’t that question about stuff that will become nasty if left in the trash? I don’t think the leftovers are being characterized as nasty just because they aren’t wanted anymore.

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