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Was the iPhone launch the most hyped product launch ever?

Asked by segdeha (1699points) June 30th, 2007

Living overseas, I don't have perspective on just how big a deal this was in the States. It sure seemed from the news accounts and blogs I read that it pretty much saturated the airwaves for the last few days if not weeks. Biggest ever?

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Haha...It could very well be. The Wii might win that fight by a small margin but it is definitely up there in the "Top 10 Hyped Products of 2007"

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I think it varied by city. Here is Albuquerque, more people showed up for the opening of the Apple store than did for iPhone. Not a ton on the local news, and I'd say the hype was most pervasive among the geek set. Having one now, i'd say it was UNDERhyped if anything. Just my fanboy opinion. :)

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according to time magazine and walt massberg ( of wall street journal) the iPhone is so far the most hyped up phone launch

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Quite possibly!

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Remember when the Segway buzz started... before it was the Segway "it" was going to change life and power cities and impart peace to the universe... I'd say the iPhone at least lives up to it's hype where the Segway is a scooter.

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Great point, covertlyobvious! I had forgotten all about the Segway (despite having had the chance to ride one), but you're right it was hailed as the best thing since sliced bread, electric toasters, and creamy peanut butter.

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