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What's for Sunday dinner?

Asked by say_what (378points) October 21st, 2012

Anything special? Leftovers? Going out to eat? What are your plans?

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Left over pizza from yesterday.

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Chicken Shawarma.

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Lots of cooking today.

Dinner is going to be grilled shrimp (with a garlic crust if I like how it turns out), pepper-crusted tenderloin stuffed with gorgonzola, mixed grilled mushrooms, chopped tomato salad with to use up some of the last of our tomatoes, and pecan pie – currently in the oven – for desert. For us and guests.

Also being made:
Chicken stock is already started because I’m getting low and expect to make soup next week.

Rosemary & thyme apple sausage for breakfast next week.

Blackened chicken and grilled zucchini to eat as lunch/leftovers during the week because I’ll already have the grill going.

Oh and in between I’m making grilled tomato & brie sandwiches with some fresh basil for snacking while cooking.

I’m gonna smell like smoke, but it’s gonna be good!

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@wonderingwhy That sounds delicious!!

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We have our club Oktoberfest this afternoon. On the menu are brats, kielbasa, saurkraut, potato salad, soft pretzels, cabbage and apples and whatever other sides some people happen to bring. Along with an assortment of desserts.

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Salmon steak. I can’t wait!

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@chyna pizza is always good, leftover pizza is better!
@Ayesha what is that? If you don’t mind my asking?
@wonderingwhy have I mentioned that I love you? Lol! I could be there about 1, no matter where it is!
@JLeslie I love Oktoberfest. It is the only time I ever get blood sausage
@LuckyGuy you are a lucky guy! :)

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@say_what I doubt we will have blood sausage here. I don’t even know if we have it available in our local markets. I think a lot of people are looking forwards to the beer, which I failed to mention in my original post. I am most looking forward to seeing the people? I am guessing we have about 70 people turn out, but can’t be sure, this group is terrible about RSVP’ing. As of three days ago we were up to 50 people saying yes they are coming.

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Two friends, three springer spaniels, tea, local apples and cheddar cheese, and imported almonds.

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I haven’t looked in the freezer yet. A sorry state, but that’s just today. Too much else going on to think about eating.

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Depends how far I get in my work today, and how much energy I have. Haven’t gone grocery shopping in too long, but I might cook up some beautiful kale I got at the farmer’s market last week.

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Storms a’comin’ over here and I am defrosting a bowl of killer chili I made a few weeks ago to go with the honey cornbread I made last night. I can’t wait for the storm, bring it on! :-)

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^^^Store some water in containers for drinking and brushing and in bathtub for flushing.

Make sure to keep food around that requires no cooking.

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^^^ I have the usual storm foods on hand, crackers, cheese, fruits and nuts and wine! haha
Marwyns pool is sparkling clean so I can always take a bath with him. :-p

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If it gets really bad I can always share a little tin of Trout Almondine fancy feast with the cats too. haha

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@janbb Just to further the stereotype. LOL.

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Yes, indeed.

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@wonderingwhy How very kind of you to share your amazing menu while I sit here contemplating my flax seed oatmeal. Pffft!
What time should I show up? I’ll bring the wine! :-)

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What wonderful plans everyone has! I’m going the leftover route, y usual Sunday fare! Thanks to you all for the answers! Happy Sunday! :)

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Not sure. Probably pasta of some kind. It’s a me, Maaario!

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We had the usual sunday roast dinner in oor hoose.

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Leftovers for lunch, Ramen Noodles for dinner.

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@say_what It is a pita bread sandwich or wrap made with shawarma meat, which can be lamb, goat, chicken, turkey, beef, veal. It’s preparation includes grilling of the meat placed on a spit from which the shavings are cut off. You can add tomatoes and cucumbers too.

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Either a bean burrito or a potato taco. Babysitting a friend’s cat for a few days, so something simple that can be eaten in front of the TV.

Note to self: do not leave a piece of buttered toast sitting alone on the coffee table or the cat will come over and start licking it.

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Milo here; Note to cat; why isn’t @Kardamom cooking you a souris en croûte instead of sitting in front of the telly like a lazy slug?

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Fried pheasant, mashed potatos, pheasant giblet gravy, green beans, cottage cheese with canned peaches.

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@Milo, because the kitchen at the kitty’s house is practically non-functional. The oven hasn’t worked in years. If I use the stove, I’ll have to give it a good cleaning first. That leaves a wee tiny toaster oven and a wee tiny microwave : (

We will be watching the Food Network on the TV if that’s any consolation

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@Kardamom: Mouse doesn’t have to be cooked. You can toast the puff pastry and then roll mouse quickly in it. Reheat on radiator.

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@Ayesha sounds wonderful!
@Kardamom & @gailcalled (@milo) have you all met? ;)
@Symbeline I love pasta, any kind!
@WestRiverrat I haven’t had wild fowl for a few years, it was always one of my favorites and where I lived in Indiana there were literally herds, gaggles, well large groups of wild turkeys that you had to stop and let cross the road. We ate quite a bit of that for while.
@Only138 yay! Leftovers! :)
@ucme one of my friends when I was growing up had a beef roast every Sunday for dinner, I used to envy them, I thought that symbolized “normal” for a long time. Still sounds good!

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@gailcalled This particular kitty is very fond of eating hummingbirds. Thankfully I’ve never seen her do it, but her master says she eats them all the time : (

Never seen any mousies in the yard, but she’d probably like one fricaseed.

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I’m spoiled… my sweetie is a foodie. He’s in the kitchen baking bread and making meatloaf from organic ground beef and pork we get from a local farm. He plans to sautée some kale in garlic butter, and has already roasted butternut squash for on the side and baked cookies for dessert.

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@say_what OMG! I am under siege by wild turkeys, they are everywhere, all the time, over here. They fly in the corral and steal the goose feed, grrrr!
One of these days, one of these days…
.I already throw rocks and acorns at them but they just stare at me and wait til I turn my back and then they are back to pilfering the feed. If anyone wants turkeys for the frizzer, come and get them! Coloma breaks her not fond of sport hunting rule.

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@say_what A good friends mom just passed away in May at age 92. Up until about 2 years ago she faithfully made the Sunday pot roast dinner and her famous Butterscotch pie. Good times, how I miss Crissys pot roast dinner. Bittersweet memories.

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Chicken a la King.

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Chicken enchiladas and basmati rice. Girl Scout cookies for dessert!

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My mother made some kind of shrimp dish, but I can’t eat shrimp so I’m having chicken noodle soup for myself.

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Grilled chicken with vegetables, probably. Either that, or figure out what I can toss together from different leftovers, and clean out the fridge a bit.

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Green lentils with brown rice, and gluten-free chia chia bread.

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@Coloma very familiar with bittersweet memories. As for the turkeys, they really are a pain in the tail, fortunately, I don’t get to deal with them anymore. I know that we have them here but I never see any!
@hearkat nothing wrong with being spoiled
@marinelife I love Chicken Ala King, I made some last weekend for my youngest son who was home from college for the weekend
@tedibear sounds good, especially the basmati, I love rice
@Argonon I would really hate not being able to eat shrimp
@AngryWhiteMale good plan, I made chimichangas with leftover stuff, turned out great
@Brian1946 I have ne’er had chia chia bread, what is it?

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Pad Ke Mow and Pra Ram.

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@Coloma: If you figure out the physics and the knife skills, is there not a way to stuff the wild turkeys with acorn dressing and then steer them to the BQ pit?

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@gailcalled Haha..well…perhaps, I wish I had a cliff over here, I could then just toss the goose feed over the cliff and I am sure they would fall to their deaths. So much for the damn Coyotes, hundreds of turkeys but they prefer cats stuffed with fancy feast.

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Now – Monday’s dinner will be marinated London Broil, mashed potatoes, carrots and mushroom gravy. Got to keep my handy man happy!

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@janbb Will you give me your recipe for London Broil?

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I marinate the London Broil for 6–12 hours in soy sauce, garlic, a little cooking oil and sometimes sherry. I make a mushroom gravy by sauteeing onions and mushrooms in a little oil and adding canned beef consome. to the pan. Then I grill the meat until it is dark on the outside and pink in the middle, slice it thinly and serve it with the gravy.

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@janbb Does london broil go by a different name for the cut of beef in the market? I used to love london broil, but have never made it myself. I haven’t had it in probably 15 years.

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@JLeslie Around my neck of the woods, they call it London broil but it is generally a thick slab of beef – not totally sure where it’s cut from. My friend is going out with a vegetarian so when I make a meal for him, I give him meat. :-)

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^^^ OMG! It just might be time for my annual steak dinner, a nice T-bone slathered in sauteed mushroom caps….you guy’s….I gotta stop with these foodie Q’s, they are sabotaging my diet.

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