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What is graphic design to you?

Asked by Grabbins (87points) June 5th, 2008

I always get asked this question. And even though I have been studying it for 6 years I still struggle to explain it one sentence. I usually refer to the way Paul Rand described it: Graphic design is thinking made visual.

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when i hear the word i think…indesign…photoshop…and most of all…good customers!

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I was about to refer you to Paul Rand. Few thoughts: 1) Most other definitions are simply rearrangements of Rand’s quote. 2) Why are we defining it?

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Graphic Design is about making other designers feel like Idiots because it wasn’t their idea

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I always say: “problem solving for visual communication”. Here’s a nice series of visual answers to the question.

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studying it for 6 years?? really.. im a graphic design major and i really like it

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An income that give me lots of untraditional freedom.

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The synergy of words and image to convey a message to a (laregly) unknown audience. And the way I’ve made my living for twenty years.

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A means of communicating visually.

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Visual communication through a creative use of structure, typography, and graphic abstractions.

Also, I like to consider it a narrative of some sort, as if I am visually orchestrating a narrative through design.

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I always tell people “I was to poor a speller to use words”

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a visual message. A visual intention or thought.

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graphic design is
your ideas

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Visual problem solving.

Or as I once read (can’t remember where): “Great design is timeless. Bad design is everywhere.”

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