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You are picked to be on "Survivor" and can bring only one personal item. What is it?

Asked by AstroChuck (37468points) June 5th, 2008

You can’t bring survivor related things or food. I think I would bring a guitar plastered with pics of my family.

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yeah, probably a guitar, or i’d custom build a small EEEPC with solar panels on it, im sure asus would sponsor me, just wonder if i could get it done before time

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i would bring a book of one liners so i can turn to the camera and say them since survivor is fake

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A gun. So i can off myself as soon as im forced onto that crappy show.

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Don’t forget to take out the one who signed you up for it.

iwamoto's avatar

for that matter…KILL THEM, KILL THEM ALL!! (starship troopers)

or do it like in predator, one of the best gun scenes ever

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uber wins. How can you top an item like that. Plus, who would wanna try to go against him while he has his gun?

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pocket rocket

Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter's avatar

Tim Curry…plus If he came he could bring one personal item so it is a win win situation

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Moleskine & pencils.

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@babi: I think they frown on batteries…

For me: Glass dil…do….

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Fluther. So I can take a photo and ask if something is dangerous before I eat it.

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haha, true, hopefully I get voted off early then

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@ susanne: oh my

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@ susanne: that’d be some umm… Different television… At least the show wouldnt be so boring. =P

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a gallon of jack daniels and a pound of weed.

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I’d bring my iPod Touch!

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so you can touch yourself blue right?

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I’m not brainwashed to be led astray by Hollywood yet ,thanks .

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Can I just say that Susanne_Tremendous is my favourite new member! Plus she knows Susan St. James!

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Buster, make that Maker’s Mark and we’d be final two. :)


Just let me bring a ball and bat.

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a sock puppet

Sueanne_Tremendous's avatar

@breed: Awww…don’t make me blush.

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@BASEBALLISLIFE—A ball and bat?

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a boat so i can sail off that lame island

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@ baseball and buster…. ONE item, unless you soaked the weed in jack daniels before you left buster, haha

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Maybe they are attached by a bungee cord?

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then its three items

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@waterskier i like the boat idea.

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yeah because a. you can escape, and b. waterskiing becomes a possibility

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My Bible…with pictures of family put all throughout it.

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