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How can I get prettier?

Asked by polish_girl (10points) October 28th, 2012

Compared to my friends, I feel so ugly. I mean I don’t know how to look any better. Any thoughts?

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Keep yourself clean, wash your hair and brush it so it’s neat, dress neatly and wear clean clothes. And smile!

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Drink lots of water. It makes your skin look better. Also, SMILE!

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Like take a shower and stuff.

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Be happy. And have more confidence in yourself. And most importantly, stop comparing yourself to others. There’s a reason the earth contains billions of people who don’t look alike. Embrace who you are.
Trust me, you’ll always feel prettier when you’re happier. Someone will make you happy soon don’t worry.

But I’m pretty sure you won’t find what I typed in prior to this statement helpful, so I’ll add some stuff. It’s one of those things you never agree with unless you experience.

If you’re looking to improve your physical appearance, try styling your hair differently. I think hair plays a major role when it comes to appearance. You don’t have to cut it or do anything to it, just try different hairstyles every once in a while.
Then consider your good features, and try accentuating them by any means possible. This will help you focus on your good features, and ignore your insecurities.
Exercise. Working out is very important, not only will it improve your figure, but it’ll make you feel better about yourself.
Go shopping. Clothes are very important -they define you. You need form-flattering clothes obviously. Clothes that show good aspects of your figure.
Be nice to everyone. Sweet people are 100 times more attractive compared to people who complain all the time, or are just plain rude.
Don’t overdose on makeup. Just don’t. Unless you want to start destroying Gotham city.

You’ll only start seeing yourself properly when you’re done with making comparisons, though. If you want my opinion, that’s the only right answer to what you’re asking for.

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Stop comparing yourself to your friends.

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Radiate positivity & joy, joy feelings ;¬}

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beauty on the outside is fading, it won’t last. To be a more beautiful person, work on inner beauty. By being a beautiful person on the inside, you will radiate beauty to the outside, and inner beauty will last your entire life, without ever fading.

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“Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got.”
― Sophia Loren

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A well-maintained and healthy person, even when unattractive is often appreciated for their polished appearance. So matching fingernails and toes, good make-up, good haircut and a few nice outfits with accessories goes a long way. If you are really unattractive, do something about it if you can or accept you are not a raving beauty and move forward. As others have said above, smiling and confident.

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Beauty comes from the inside. Sure you look nice showered and hair brushed but if you feel ugly people pick up on those negative feelings and life gets hard fast. I learned that nobody has an opinion worth being upset about. Your opinion should be the only one you care about. Have a positive attitude towards life and shower daily as well as eat healthy maybe even exercise and you’ll feel much happier I guarantee it!

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Keep yourself neat and,,, just be you. Simple as that.

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