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Say you owned a dog, and he bit a visitors shoe what would you do?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) October 29th, 2012

I really didn’t mean that to rhyme!

But say a visitor came to you home, and your dog, jumped on the visitor and bit that persons shoe in half. Plus it was a designer shoe. What would you say and do?

I know this sounds nuts, but it is true, and I wish it would stop rhyming!!!

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I’d say “Well you shouldn’t have yelled heel.”

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I’d open my coffer,
And make her an offer,
To buy her a new pair of shoes.
A good friend with the blues,
Is too sad to lose,
So I’d not want to piss off her.

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@LuckyGuy wins the internet.

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(<—- blushing)

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I would take the dog to obedience class because if it is biting, it’s a problem that needs correcting before it’s flesh.

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First I would be mortified that my dog had done that and I would apologise more than once since I would apologise at the time but also again when they were leaving as well as pay for a replacement pair. My dog would then really be in the dog house and I would take steps to make sure it didnt happen again by training it better.

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I would scold the visitor for provoking my dog.

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Realize that next time it could be a whole lot worse.

Until the dog is trained properly and thoroughly, he should be confined to a bedroom or such whenever there are guests in the house.

If it bites a leg or arm, then it’s serious trouble. You don’t want the authorities called to your home to debate whether to put the dog down. Laws vary from one place to another but this is serious business.

Find a competent trainer ASAP.

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Have him bite the other one, so that the pair is a matched set.

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As long as there was no injury I would hope they’d chalk it up to the dog just being protective of their territory. If it was a regular issue I would confine the dog when I had company. I had an aggressive dog once that was unpredictable with strangers. I always confined him when there were strangers around.

These days I just have a territorial goose. Marwyn my goose once attacked a Jehovahs witness and really put the fear of the goose god into her.
Goosing her and pounding her with his powerful left wing punch.
I need a sign that says ” Beware of the Geese.” lol

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I’d offer to pay for the shoes, only I’d do it far less poetically than @LuckyGuy . Then I’d take my dog to training classes again.

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To clarify wasn’t my dog, I don’t own dogs, but a mate of mine. She laughed and said oh they “chew everything dammit”. I think that is quite rude.

During a fight one bit her hand very badly. But it was because she intervened. Oh the drama!

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@Shippy What a nut, people that laugh at their dogs aggressive behavior are just asking for a lawsuit. I bet she won’t be laughing when the dog rips off somebodies face, god forbid anyone, let alone a child.
As much as I love animals I would never keep an aggressive dog, waaay too risky.

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“As much as I love animals I would never keep an aggressive dog, waaay too risky.”
I would. Keeps the pesky children/pigs/missionaries off the property. Especially during halloween. If you ignore the “Beware, dog will rip your face off” sign, you have no one to blame but yourself.

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@ragingloli Doesn’t matter, even with a sign posted you are still liable for the dogs behavior.
I found that out years ago when I had realtors showing my house and inspite of the warning to NOT bring buyers over without calling first, the stupid RE agent did anyway.
Luckily I was home and intercepted them before my dog ripped their face off. They unlocked the front door and I was at the top of my stairs when my huge and very protective dog went tearing through the living room and skidded to a stop at the door. I yelled at them to ” shut the door, NOW!”


I was told by my attorney that regardless, if your dog bites someone even on their own property, you are liable.

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Apologize repeatedly, pay to replace the shoes, and take the dog to obedience training.

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Shoot it.

Juuuuust kidding! :) I’d replace the shoes first, and then attempt to fix the dog’s behavior. Not sure if obedience classes are necessary for a one time occurrence, but I’d just play it by ear. If the dog is also violent or bites people as opposed to things, then classes/training would be best.

And warn guests before they come in so you don’t have to replace all of your friends’ shoes.

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A dog who could bite a shoe in half with a single bite? I wouldn’t do a damn thing with that dog. I’d be sure the water bowl was full, fill up the feed dish (dishes), sign over the mortgage and lock the doors on my way out. Then bury the key.

Nice doggy. Nice, nice doggy. Be cool, big doggy. Good bye, big doggy.

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I’d offer to pay for the shoes. I’d be especially concerned if the shoe was on the visitor’s foot at the time and I would try to keep my dog away from visitors in future.

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Pay for the shoes. Get the dog out of visitor contact unless he is muzzled, trained, and rehabbed.

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Was the person wearing the shoe at the time?

The whole story sounds crazy, if it attacked the shoe that sounds like a chihuahua action but it bit it in half, that sounds like a rottweiler action.

I want to know more details, is this the first time the dog ever did anything like that? Did the person kick at the dog.

This could be the first time I have ever agreed with @ragingloli and I’m not sure if she is serious or just joshing as usual???

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First of all, I always shut my dog in the patio room when any visitors come, so it can’t happen to me.

If it did, I would immediately apologize and offer to pay for the shoes to be replaced.

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I’d definitely apologize and offer to pay for the shoes. Then, depending on why it happened, I’d take steps to make sure it didn’t happen again.

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Did this happen to YOU when you were at a friends house or was it your room mate’s dog and it happened to a guest? If the dog lives under your roof there might be a chance that you could also be held liable even if it’s not your dog.

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@Judi yes, I clarified a little further up!

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Further clarification: My friend has 7 dogs, they are mostly under a year, or just over a year. They don’t bite people as such. Although one is so strong he jumps up and nearly knocks you down. The first shoe, was when I was standing at the front door, the one dog, bit the straps of the shoe on my foot, and cut clean through them. They were expensive shoes.

One day I went for a full visit. We were by the pool so shoes were off, my shoe was bitten in half. They chewed her lounge suite so she had to dump it!

when you are offered lunch there, the dogs jump on the table and steal bits loll. Plus they shove their snouts into your glass and drink what you are drinking. Because there are so many it is a bit like a pack. So you can’t watch them all. I stopped visiting. I suspect a lot have!! I don’t know what I would have done if my dog bit and ate peoples goods while they visited. I would feel awful. Specially if the shoe was still on the wearers foot? One literally bit me on my bum. Jumped up and bit it, but a nip not a bight. I think the house is mad, and out of control!

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SEVEN dogs? Holy shit!

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Srsly, that sounds like a zoo. I wouldn’t visit, either.

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Obviously your friend is NOT the pack leader.

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I think your friend has a problem and might need some help. I too wouldn’t visit there again.

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That’s too ridiculous for words. Some people should not be allowed to have that many pets. She’s just asking for trouble.

One of these days she’ll either be sued or one of those dogs will do serious damage to a person or a child and will be put down.

The problem here is not the dogs. It’s the irresponsible owner.

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I’d laugh and then probably choke and die and then they’d have to be the ones apologizing for my death.

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