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90s late night crime tv show on old bravo tv?

Asked by briansparrish (7points) October 31st, 2012

I’m looking for a tv crime drama from 90s, it used to be aired on the old Bravo channel, I cannot remember its name. I remember a couple of scenes from one episode for obvious reasons. Some guy poisons a woman’s drink then proceeds to have sex with her, she dies in the process. In another scene the same man is waiting to be sent to the electric chair and gets a visit from a woman who gets naked, straddles him, teases then knees him in the groin and leaves. I really would like to find the name of this show if possible. Anyone know any erotic crime dramas aired on Bravo during the 90s?

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What country was this? It looks like the US channel was almost entirely reality TV. In Canada, I’m not sure how many drama series were broadcast in the 90s… they were pretty heavily into the arts or CanCon then.

You’re sure this was Bravo, and not Showtime or a different network?

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On man. I don’t know what that show was but I remember when Bravo showed that sort of thing. @glacial back then it really was the arts channel which meant they showed weird independent stuff, frequently a lot freakier or graphic than you’d see anywhere else on cable. My mom and I were completely confused when we started watching Lost Highway midway through on there (ultimately we decided seeing the beginning probably wouldn’t have helped much) and I remember seeing a disturbingly staid rape scene in some period drama as well.

I’m really not sure how they got away with it, but I wish they were still like that. They didn’t fuck around back then.

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@fundevogel I could totally see that with films, but the thing is, no one was making racy TV series back then that weren’t utter crap (Red Shoe Diaries, for example). And Bravo wasn’t showing crap in the 1990s. Showtime was, which is why I asked.

You should live in Canada (or do you?). Always much less censorship here. ;)

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@glacial I don’t think Bravo generated any of its own content at that point so it was probably rebroadcasting something. Maybe it was a show from the UK or Canada? Who knows, maybe it did get it’s hands on something from one of the premiere channels. I know for a fact I saw a bit of Tales From the Crypt back in the day and I never had HBO so someone must have been rebroadcasting it.

I’m in the US, but I don’t let that old American Puritanism get in the way of my entertainment. I watch Misfits :)

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Oh wow. I may need to check that out. :)

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you really should

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Thank you everyone for your replies :) It could have been a film… tbh it was just a few scenes that stuck in a ten year olds mind for obvious reasons. It was defiantly shown on Bravo, the old ‘O’ with the horns is unmistakable. If anyone can think of a film with similar scenes that would be great :)

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