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How to handle stress?

Asked by amberliy8 (98points) November 1st, 2012

I’m pretty stressed out, trying not too, any tips on how to be more happy, and less stressed. Iv’e noticed I started getting headaches.

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First know everyone has stress. We just deal with it. I sometimes like music, other times I like art. I can lose myself in a good painting. The other thing is know you control your reaction to someone or something else. No one can make you angry or stressed. You let someone make you angry or stressed. What’s bugging you if you can say? Headaches aren’t a good sign.
PM me if you want.

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Watch some George Carlin skits :P Humour in general is the best medicine in this case imo.

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Firsly, identify what it is that’s causing you stress. Then you can start to put in place some strategies to try to minimise the problem.

I find allowing myself to take a little time out helps. Take a walk. Read a book. Watch some rubbish TV. Phone a friend. Go to the cinema. Paint a picture. Do some gardening. Whatever sooths your soul.

This news story suggests some of the signs of burnout. Whether your stress problem is work or not, the symptoms are probably fairly similar so try to focus on some of these things to try to reverse the symptoms. Eat healthy, get good sleep and as I said, you time.

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Exercise for a minimum of 15mins per day to release feel-good endorphins to help you combat the stress.

Then, do as @Bellatrix wrote above. Eat well. Sleep well. Relax.

You may need to make a concerted effort during the day to take a 5–10 min walk to clear your head. If you have a few extra minutes, YouTube has some breathing exercises or 5min meditations you can easily add into your day.

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I don’t bite off more than I can chew, for starters.

When life gets a little nutty I pace myself. Start work early, do a little every day, finish before the due date without having to scramble.

Most of what I put into my schedule is stuff I want to be doing. I’m busy, but I’m not unhappy. The busy-ness in and of itself can make me a little frantic but I’m learning to reel that in and realize that just because I’m rushing from place to place doesn’t mean I need to feel anxious.

Decide on a few essential daily “me-time” activities and don’t deny yourself them, no matter how busy you are. For example, I will never even think about work during breakfast. I might do work while I eat lunch or dinner, but breakfast is my gearing up time. I don’t think about work for at least 1 hour before bed, usually more. I give myself 8 hours for sleeping.

Working out is a great way to burn off the jitters.

Take a walk. It’s amazing what fresh air and attention to your surroundings can do for you.

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Find someone to whom you can talk. If your stress is getting to the point of headaches and unhappiness, then talking it out with someone will be the best way to let it out. Talking won’t change anything about your situation, of course, but it can change you (or at least your frame of mind). Once you’ve done that, make some time for the activities others have recommended above in order to help prevent the stress from building to this level again. That’s easier said than done, but it is well worth the effort.

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I agree with @SpatzieLover exercise tends to make me level headed and I make wiser decisions after.

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Get the amount of sleep your body needs to feel rested and allow yourself some time during the day to do something you enjoy.

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I have taken to about a 45 minute meditation in the morning before I set out to face the day. It helps.

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I’d say eating healthy comes first, before exercise, when it comes to dealing with stress. That’s your foundation for health for your entire body. What “eating healthy” means seems to differ among people, but a good start is cutting out processed and packaged foods as well as sugar and starches. Consume more whole foods. Stress and anxiety has been a consistent thread through my life, and doing this has worked for me. Then there is the other stuff like meditation and yoga that is really beneficial. And try to schedule time each day to do something you enjoy!

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Thank you guys for all of the amazing and helpful responses!

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