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Men, how important is it for your future wife to know how to cook?

Asked by chelle21689 (6786points) November 2nd, 2012

She doesn’t have to be the best cook but pretty decent. Just curious if it matters to men out there. I’ve been learning to cook for a couple years, but started really learning to cook last year. I’m decent…pretty good. Not the best but some dishes I make really good. I feel good cooking for my guy and packing him stuff for lunch at work. I don’t cook OFTEN but sometimes lol.

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I’ve always been the cook in the relationship, so from a purely functional perspective it’s never been an issue. But it’s certainly handy and more fun when she’s capable and interested in being in there with me, so I do notice (and appreciate) that.

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I think there might have been a time back when my grandparents were first married. But I don’t think this exists any more. At least I have never heard of it really happening. Here in the US, men and women are both working and splitting household work. And as an observation, the men in most couples I know seem to be the primary cooks.

If a man wants good food, he just needs to brush up on his culinary skills.

Edit: To answer your question about whether or not it matters to “men” – I doubt it. It might to some men, but I suspect that if a man is looking for a good cook as a partner, this might be something to note or be concerned about.

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I’m already married, is that okay?

It’s not important to me because I cook, but (as luck would have it), my wife does cook – and she’s much better at it than me. So… bonus!

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It wouldn’t be a deciding factor in any way but it sure is a bonus to have a wife that can cook.

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Sometimes she cooks, we kind of share. I cook a lot and I actually don’t mind it at all. :) I even do my own dishes!

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I know that my two sons would like to find wives that know how to cook. They both know how to at least grill a steak, bake a potato, or throw a frozen lasagna in the oven. Both of my daughters love to cook, but their husbands also love to cook, so they prepare dinner together.

One of my sons was married to a girl that was so into woman’s lib that she refused to cook. I don’t know whether she was capable or not. Anyway, it caused problems because my son was working long, hard hours as an auto mechanic, and would come home and have to prepare his own dinner, clean the house, and do his own laundry. Finally he started wondering what he needed her for. She didn’t work, either.

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If I ever find a woman capable of putting up with my BS, I’ll put a big NO WOMEN ALLOWED sign on the kitchen door ;-) It’s a plus I guess, she wouldn’t have to order take out if I were out of town lol.

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I think basic cooking skills are kinda important for both genders. It can be a lot healthier and also save money from eating out all the time.

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I think knowing how to cook and nourish oneself and others is an important part of being an adult human.

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Well..I have zero desire to be married but I’m a damn good cook, and yes I used to cook 99% of the family meals when I was married and raising my daughter. Now days cooking is only for recreational purposes. lol
Salmon, baked butternut squash and fresh blueberry tarts on my menu tonight. All enhanced with a bit of freshly harvested herb in my green hills. :-)

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It blows my mind when people don’t know how to cook at all. I’m not saying you need to be an amazing cook that can look at a bunch of random ingredients and whip up some fantastic dinner, but if you can’t follow a simple recipe there are some issues.

I love the fact that my fiance and I both love to cook. We take turns cooking for each other (I cook, you clean and vice versa) and sometimes cook meals together. It sure as hell beats giving one person the responsibility of always cooking or defaulting on eating out.

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If she is not a female Gordon Ramsay, I am not interested.

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You just like a woman that talks dirty to you dont ya? :P

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I was the only real cook in 15 years of marriage, including when hosting her parents for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was the same in her family: her dad cooked but her mother had a hard time boiling water.

My ex knows how to open the frozen pizza box and bake it in the oven.

If I get remarried I’d like it to be to a woman who can make things too, just for fun.

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Well, it’s nice if she knows how to cook. I don’t want to have to cook all the time. But for most of my life, I have done that. Recently my wife retired and she started trying to learn how to cook. It’s…. a process.

But the good thing is that it makes it easy to eat less and I’ve actually been losing weight, which is something I desperately need to do. Anyway, I’m learning to appreciate the value of not so good tasting food. Novel way for my wife to watch out for me, I think.

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Only if she wants to eat. LOL j/k I’m not that bad of a cook. :)

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It’s very important to me that my fiancĂ© not only cooks, but creates delicious meals from scratch after driving 55+ miles each way for his job. Were he not willing or able to do this for us, I would kick him to the curb.
Not really. I am pretty good in the kitchen, but don’t get the pleasure out of cooking that he does. I just get annoyed by the sexist overtone of the question, rather than it having been worded to ask people how important it is that their future partner be a good cook.

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So long as she’s fantastic in bed, i’ll forgive several burnt offerings/kitchen ceilings.

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I can understand a person wanting their partner to be self-sufficient and so being able to make a nourishing meal. That demonstrates being able to take care of yourself. However, if a man had ‘must be good cook’ on their shopping list when choosing a partner my alarm bells would be going off. I would feel the same way as if they had ‘must be a good housekeeper’ on their list. I can cook but my husband doesn’t expect me to. At the moment he cooks more than me because of my workload and the distance I work from home.

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Not important. I like to cook.

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It would matter to me (if I was single and looking) because I hate cooking and I’m really bad at it. I would happily do any other household chores instead. I don’t mind cooking just for myself, but if I cook for anyone else they always complain that something’s wrong with it.

But my partner is an excellent cook – he trained as a chef before changing his mind and working in IT. I’m keeping him :)

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