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How to get the new guy's attention?

Asked by amberliy8 (98points) November 4th, 2012

There is this new guy and I like him, how do I make him notice me and like me? Any tips would be helpful!

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Is this at work at school? More detail please?

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Smile at him and say hello. Tomorrow ask him how his weekend was.

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You can’t “make him like you.” You can only try being around him and interacting with him, and see what happens.

Talk to him. Ask him how he is liking the change. Ask him how your school is different from his old school.

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No further advice, but welcome to Fluther! You’ll find that we are all friendly and helpful (funny also!)

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Don’t just stand there; Bust a move!

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Start talking to him, start up a basic convo.. like what’s up? or i didn’t know you were in this class?

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Be yourself.

Show confidence.

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Give him some kind of attention.

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What do you want him to notice you for?
Cooking ability?
Dance moves?

Why do you like him?

Generally, you want there to be a fit between the reasons you like him and the reasons he might choose to like you. What you need to do is get to know him. That means doing things with him.

It is traditional for women to set themselves up as a kind of honey trap for ants. Sex is often the lure. Dress provocatively and put yourself around him and give him pouty looks. Maybe he’s the kind of guy who would go for that.

But I would do my research on him first. Find out what he is into. And if he was into the same things I was, I would proceed. If not, I’d let someone else go after him because it does no good to capture a guy you aren’t going to like.

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It’s easy enough to be noticed; all you really need to do is say hello and / or start a conversation.

But one of the quickest ways to be not-liked is to try too hard “to be liked”. Don’t do that. If the guy – or anyone else – doesn’t like you for your own sweet self, then what’s the point of trying to be liked for some version of you that’s not the genuine article?

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