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Would you like to know that my power is back on?

Asked by janbb (51184points) November 9th, 2012

Couldn’t think of a better way to let the collective know.

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Yay. Great news janbb! Normality is trying to return.

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Yes – it will take a long time for my area to recover.

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Yeah! Glad you’re back!!!

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Congratulations!!! Party at your place!!!

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@LuckyGuy Yes indeedy. We can do laundry and play music and all kinds of fun things!

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Welcome back to civilization.

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@FutureMemory Can a question from Hypo be far behind?

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Yay! You’re going to need a new cake in your frizzer, I imagine, along with lots of other food. Should we send you a care package? How is the rest of your area doing?

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@augustlan My beloved boardwalks are gone as are some entire shore towns. My immediate neighborhood suffered more from downed trees than flooding so does not look too bad.

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Yes, I’d like to know it. And now I do!

Once you get a new cake for your frizzer, I can start on making you some pancakes.

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Is Snookie and Deena alright?

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I’ll be right over with bleach & cleaning supplies to help with the fridge ;) Yippee!

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@SavoirFaire Pancakes sound great! :-)

@SpatzieLover Your offer sounds pretty great too!

@johnpowell They told me they are. Can’t keep Jersey folk down!

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@janbb So very happy you are back home. I really do understand your sadness at the loss of your boardwalks, but I’m so glad your home is intact. Welcome home little penguin!

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@janbb Some people will spare no effort to get great question awards, won’t they? ~

Just teasing. I was without power for nearly a week some years ago in Virginia, but the weather was mild. Glad you didn’t have to stay there and live in a climate like your avatar would love. My heart goes out to all who did have to put up with the cold and no heat.

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This makes me happy for you. :)

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Hooray! :D

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To paraphrase a certain penguin – mazel tov!

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I’d like to think you stood up to sing this song, maybe in the library, but somehow I doubt it.

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Huzzah! Thank you for letting us know.

@ucme: I was hoping that was the song that you had posted.

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Yay! The little penguin can thaw out.

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Glad to hear it. Electricity is great!

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Get the jelly music on and let’s start a Jelly line dance!

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Course, if it were me i’d yell like a bastard!

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One year we were out of power (in USA) for 5 days because of snow conditions. Thank goodness for kerosene heaters! I had the salt water aquarium wrapped in blankets. I didn’t have many fish in it so they made it despite the pump being out of commission.

So I can empathize! When the power came back on there was great celebration! Glad you survived the storm and its complications.

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So glad to hear the news. Welcome back.

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