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Any way I can fix the worn edges of my MacBook Pro?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) November 9th, 2012

The spot affected is wear I place my thumb as well as rest my right wrist on the edges of the laptop. Here is a photo

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Do you happen to wear rings? I’m a bit baffled by how that could happen without metal scraping/hitting it.

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Ring on my left hand, but the left hand never goes near the location. I’ll typically put my thumb there when I use the track pad. It’s also in the location of the right wrist area and then no where else.

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Some digging and it appears that this could be corrosion. You might want to give Apple a call. I have heard of this before.

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I have a three year old MBP with none of that wear. I’m with @johnpowell there must be contact with metal to get nicks.

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I’ll give them a call. I’m sure it has something to do with the salts and sweats produced mixed with oxidation. Maybe a silver permanent sharpie will hide the corrosion.

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Maybe some aluminum epoxy?

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Is your problem aesthetics or is it uncomfortable to use?

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Duct tape.

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@johnpowell Well it’s a bit of both but more of the feel definitely. I mean it doesn’t scrape but I can feel it brush up against me that’s for sure. @rojo My indie/punk days are long over buddy. :P

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@_Whitetigress :: I could imagine that it would be shitty to use. It would bother me like crazy. I would certainly look into contacting Apple for a replacement. After further digging you aren’t the only one with the problem so they should hopefully be aware of it.

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