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Weight comparison, I'm 5'8 130, my girlfriend 5'5 200?

Asked by Iphone35 (134points) June 6th, 2008 from iPhone

lastnight my girlfriend and I were together, she. Got on top of me and after a few minutes when I got up to get something my body felt light as if I could float or fly, what does that mean or indicate?

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make sure u ate always on top

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or get a new girlfriend

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@hollister0221 how mean!!

he doesnt need to get a new gf..

well i was thinkin maybe since shes heavy you got used to the weight that was on top for the moment.and when she got off the weight was gone so u felt kind of relieved and lighter..

thats what i think..

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you need to put on some weight little man. your a twig!

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I know I am sorry. Could not resist. That’s just more cushion for the pushing

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5’5” and 200lbs? You might not need a new girlfriend, but you might need to help the one you have get healthy. That’s pretty overweight for someone that height.

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Have you ever had a cast? There is a similar effect when the cast is removed. Your body is used to compensating for the extra weight, so when that weight is removed your body is still
compensating so you feel as if you are much lighter.

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@melly6708,,,,,railimafs dnuos yrots siht…..
I agree with jballou.

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start sitting on her than her sitting on you

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funny thing lastnight in a dream, similar senario but this time while sleeping(this in the dream) my fullfigured girlfriend was asleep next to me as I saw myself awaking, she suddenly began to move towards me and oh gosh, she rolled right on top of me, next thing I know seeing myself right under her, after awhile she finally turned away and unbelievable I was totally FLATTENED…... I mean squished, but seeing myself during the dream I felt this interesting sensation and when I finally woke up from this dream…... Well I noticed I needed to change an article of clothing. Not sure why I had such a dream but it was interesting.

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I guess she left an impression of her weight in mind probably, and interestingly enough she seems to like it when she’s on top of me, and tends to once in a while sit on me too when we’re playing around.

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