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How to replace my MacBook Pro battery?

Asked by bhec10 (6457points) November 13th, 2012

I have a 15 inch, Mid 2009 MacBook Pro, whose battery is kaputt. I live in the UK.

I accidentally switched my charger with a 13 inch one and the battery is now very unsteady. It only has about 1 hour of battery every time I unplug it, but it runs fine while plugged to the wall.

I wanted to know if you could help me finding a replacement battery as I have searched on the internet but am not entirely sure which battery model I should buy…

Ideally I want to replace it myself, because spending £100 in an official Apple store is quite a lot… However, if I don’t find anything online I will have it replaced by an Apple Genius.

Here are some other stats that may help you to help me :)

I ran this on the Terminal app _ioreg -w0 -l | grep Capacity

and this was the outcome:

“MaxCapacity” = 3924
“CurrentCapacity” = 3924

“Cycle Count”=867
“DesignCapacity” = 6500

Thank you!

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According to this article you need some special tools and be clever mechanically. It can be done look here.

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@Tropical_Willie Thanks for the link, that actually shows well how to do what I want. However my problem is which battery should I buy? I don’t know which of the hundreds of battery models to choose.

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@Tropical_Willie are you alright? You’ve been crafting a response for probably two hours now and I’m afraid that it is your head that’s typing ~

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He’s crafting the perfect responce

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Can someone call 911 please?? ~

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You may have to remove the battery and order the replacement by the number on the battery.
Yes I’m okay took my wife to lunch.

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Glad you’re ok

I’ll keep searching online for now

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I did a search for “macbook pro 15 2009 battery” on Amazon and found this: macbook pro 15 2009 battery.
You could also see if a used MacBook Pro 2009 is for sale somewhere (maybe even on Amazon?), and the sale ad might have specs which list the battery model.
Finally, try to search online for the Mac’s Getting Started or User Manual. Usually, these would have a specs section that might list the battery model.

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