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Editing responses after submitting them?

Asked by segdeha (1712points) July 1st, 2007

Any chance Fluther would allow users to edit our responses for, say, 5 minutes after you hit submit? I know I often think of some little tweak I'd like to make to my responses just after I send it off.

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I think it's a good idea, and I'd guess that ben's response will be "This feature is in currently in progress" I'd imagine the option to edit a question is also under development.


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that would be cool
both digg and facebook has this - so it would be cool to have it on flutter

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This is a feature that we've thought about for a very long time... we decided not to implement it in the redesign because we didn't want a malicious user to be able to post something and then change their answer to, say, something very different.

The ability to really check your answer before you post was the impetus behind Live Preview, though that feature has gotten mixed responses. What are your thoughts on that?

And, if a good number of people in the collective feel that this is a very important feature, we'll definitely prioritize it.

@mirza: Can you point me to that on Facebook? I've never been able to edit any of my PMs or wall posts.

@perchik: We do have a few things on the burner, but we're making progress on a bunch of them. Have you seen the blog?

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andrew, looks like facebook has editted this feature - now you can only delete your posts
after you have written on a friend's wall, go his walll and find the post and you'll see the "delete post" button

i remember when facebook had it's old design layout you could change wall posts becaause this one time i revealed to much information on a friend's wall and then i was like - wtf
so i went back to her profile and changed the post

now you can do a similar thing but you have to delete a psot and then repost it

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I've always found previews a bit useless (the bad ones are both useless and annoying). Why should seeing your text again in a different font 3 seconds after you have written it make you more alert to typos and errors you have made? It seems to me that it's more the process of leaving the post behind and getting back to it, that makes me think "oh i should have...".

I think i like the 5 minute feature. But then again, this is a discussion forum, there's really no harm done in posting a second post correcting or adding something.

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@andrew yep I'm watching the blog

I think the preview is kind of pointless as well. The only time I seem to want to edit is if i've made a typo. However, I would like to edit the question I ask sometimes.

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Maybe editing of questions should only be allowed until someone answers. Wouldn't want folks pulling a bait-and-switch...

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see thats the part that gets me ...Is that really an issue? Are there really users who would post a question, wait for people to answer, and then change the question substantially?

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@ Perchik - YES. those users are always there.

So I do think that it would be better to only allow editing pre-answer-posting

@ Andrew - As far as the Live Preview, I think the only really good part about it is if your including simple html to format your text, just to make sure that you closed all of your tags right, in a quick glance. But people don't seem to format their text too often, unfortunately. If anything I would add a simple, small font sentence above the the text box reminding people that simple html is okay..

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