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When you pronounce the word "Thanksgiving" do you put emphasis on the first syllable or the second?

Asked by jca (35976points) November 16th, 2012

I pronounce it ThanksGIVing but many people pronounce it THANKSgiving.

Which way do you say it?

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I say it the same way you do.

I wonder if there’s a pattern of correspondence with people who say INsurance instead of inSURance.

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Emphasis on the second syllable. Dictionary dot com doesn’t even list emphasis on the first syllable, and I have never heard anyone pronounce the word that way. Tell those other people they’re wrong! dammit, wrong!

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My Mac Dictionary shows me this: |THaNGks╦łgiviNG|.

I am not sure if he’s having a seizure, or how he pronounces that…

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@bhec10 Your mac Dictionary mispronounces it- it looks like that way rhymes with fangs – giving…

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Second. I rarely hear people put emphasis on the first.

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I pronounce it as you do, but have heard it pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable by a couple of people.

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The way you do, with the emphasis on the “Giv”. (No doubt, the way the Pilgrims said it.)

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ThanksGiving. Equal emphasis on both syllables. Are not both vital to its exact meaning?

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The third.

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@zenvelo No, it’s right. Before /k/, /n/ becomes /ng/. Compare “rinse” to “rink”; you should a “ng” sound in “rink” that you don’t hear in “rinse”.

OT: I stress the second syllable when speaking the word in isolation, but in the phrase “thanksgiving dinner”, the first syllable does seem to have the stress.

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@Jeruba I say THANKSgiving but I also say inSURance.

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Everyone I know says IN-sur-ance. It makes me craaaaaazzzyyy! I’ve even heard it pronounced that way on t.v. Argghhhhh!!

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@Gazboy1207 I can assure you it’s in-SUR-ance. I can also assure you that unless you have medical in-SUR-ance covering mental health issues, it’s best to not let people saying In-sur-ance drive you crazy.

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