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No games will run on my Windows 8 PC?

Asked by imsok00l (108points) November 18th, 2012

Most games I’ve downloaded just won’t start (my pc is relatively new and should be able to run them). when i press the shortcuts, nothing happens. Others will start but I can only see a black screen or there are no clickable items etc

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I’ve been running into the same issue. It seems to like the games better if you right-click then select “run as Administrator”.

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Did you do an in place upgrade or a clean install? I did a clean install of windows 8 and have had no problems running any games (from steam, from blizzard from DVD) even games that Microsoft said may not be compatible.

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Windows 8 upgrade is a mistake unless you have a tablet or touchescreen oriented PC.

It’s too new for a lot of things to work well with it.

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And thus we run into the issues inherent in first-generation anything, and why, despite being a technophile, I am not an early adopter. It’s a common issue, and (as @Lightlyseared points out) seems to hit upgraders more than clean installs, implying serious issues with the upgrade version.

@XOIIO Start8 seems to get around those issues. Ditch the Win8 UI!

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So far the only problem I’ve had with windows 8 was the installer refusing to run with my otherwise rock solid (10 days running Prime95 zero errors) overclock.

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Thanks for the answers, guys! Wow, this place is way better than Yahoo Answers.

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Most of us here can type in complete sentences with proper spelling and grammar!

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OK – Mine is a new PC and it came pre-loaded with Windows 8. This is seriously my first time ever buying anything first generation.

All in all, I really like Windows 8. There is one program, I forget the name of it right now… it’s a safety feature that makes sure whatever you’re running isn’t going to kill your computer. It keeps asking me if I want to run my games in “safe mode”.

This means Windows 8 apps run beautifully (like they get a hall pass), but play from disc stuff takes a while to load up. I’m going to find some way to disable that program, and see if my darling Fable can quit taking its sweet time to get moving.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Let us know how it works out. I am debating whether to go with Win8 or WINE.

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