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Hey our favorite Alaskan snowflake has made it into the mansion, will you join me in welcoming AshLeigh?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) November 21st, 2012

AshLeigh made it into the 10K region.

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Congratulations, AshLeigh! I’m glad you’re here. :)

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Hearty congrats!!!!

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Congo Rats! You certainly deserve this! Thanks for making this site so much fun!

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Hey Hey HEY ! ! !
Way to go @AshLeigh

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Congratulations, @AshLeigh!

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Seriously? I just thought you had always been here. You’ve been part of the family for a while. Congrats!

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Congratulations, AshLeigh!

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Oh my! You’ve flown the peanut coop and are runnin’ with the big boys ‘round the mansion?!
Yipes! they grow up fast… <sniffles>
You’re one of my mostest favoritest jellies hands down!
Yippie skippy, AshLeigh and many, many grats!!!!

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Yay, Ashleigh !

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Since I’m a big kid now, is there booze at this party?
Thanks everyone! :D You guys are the best. :)

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I hear she’s loaded, congrats @AshLeigh…...or should that be Cash-Leigh :¬)

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Yay @AshLeigh !!!!
You know you’re my surrogate daughter and I ADORE you little missy!
You are adorable in every sense of the word.
Adorable face, adorable personality, a double win!
Sigh I wish I had more children and they were just like you!!

Party party my little northern light! :-D

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Congrats @AshLeigh! You’re an awesome member of the collective, keep on keepin’ on! :-)

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Congrats, @AshLeigh from Alaska! Welcome! I guess you are the Thanksgiving hostess in the mansion this year!

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Congratulations and welcome to the mansion. Check out the sauna on the second floor, north west corner. It’s good for chatting or to get away by yourself, should you find it empty.

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Congratulations! Right in time for a holiday party. Out by the pool is the band, the turkey and trimmings and open bar. Enjoy!

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Open bar. Damn skippy.
Heck yes!

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Hell yeeeeah, go AshLeigh! Congrats you, you rock! :D

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Alaska? I wondered who put the Dog Sleds Only sign in the driveway. I had a tough time finding one the right size.


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I don’t have a dog sled.
I ride a penguin.

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Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations @AshLeigh… Care for a Hot Toddy? :)

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Congratulations @AshLeigh! Well done on reaching 10K especially since you have to type wearing gloves or mittens with the cold weather where you are!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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@AshLeigh I ride a penguin

Google for ‘penguin ride’


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10K Cheers \o/ \o/ \o/....and welcome to the Mansion.

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Congratulations! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Well done my good buddy!

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Congratulations @AshLeigh !!!

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Congrats ASHsh – LAYeeigh on 10K!

Huh! I am moving like a tortoise.

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Pisces, the Fish :D

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Or Pisces the user up there ^ who happens to be a dear friend of mine…. One of the two.

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Way to go Ash!

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Nice job!

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Congratulations, and welcome to the mansion, my dear!

BTW, this whole riding a penguin thing… Does @janbb know about this?

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Terrific ! Great accomplishment; congratulations to you.

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Riding a Penguin

Is that a euphemism?

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Bahahaha. No.

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Congrats @AshLeigh, great job! Welcome to the Mansion.

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Ooh sorry I’m late – congratulations @AshLeigh! :-D

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CONGRATS oh preeeettttyyyy one-! We got you a ferris wheel-! : )

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Congratulations!!! Enjoy the party @AshLeigh

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Hey @AshLeigh Congrats on the 10k. I’m so late. Are there still any turkey leftovers?

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@LuckyGuy: There is a lovely turkey mousse here on the table – molded into the shape of a jellyfish.

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@AshLeigh You’re not just a snowflake from Alaska, you’re an avalanche of jelly goodness from Alaska-! : )

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Congratulations on reaching 10,000 lurve, this coming from the ultimate procrastinator.

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ESKIMO PIES FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! Bravo Ash!!!!

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Eskimo Pie? xD

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Congrats to you. This time i will make the cookies!!!

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Pass the Eskimo pies…..

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I smell ice cream…..

YAY AshLeigh!!!

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