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Is this an inside joke?

Asked by bookish1 (13110points) November 22nd, 2012

Why do so many Jellies spell it “nekkid”? Is there some inside joke, like with the cake in the frizzer? Would any Fluther historians care to explain? :)

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“Naked” is a formal term for not having any clothes on. Nude implies an artistic appreciation of the body.

“Nekkid” is an approximation of a rural American pronunciation of the state of not having any clothes on with the intent of being a bit naughty, whether it’s a little kid having a lark, or a couple of older people going to have a little sex.

I’ve never thought of it as Fluther specific, but more of an Americanism.

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Here is the origin of the term Frizzer. I think it was a well meaning jelly who was attempting to ask a legitimate question about a kid who had disappeared, probably Kaley Anthony going by the date. I think the cake was added later, probably at one of the lurve parties just to be silly, because by that time the word had taken on a life of itself. Jellies tend to love desserts and parties.

Not sure how the nekkid pancake parties started, they were going fast and furious by the time I got here, usually at the lurve parties, like This One Although This might be the origin.

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Not sure if it’s even a US thing – it’s an internet thing. Just one of those terms that have become part of the internet vernacular.

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I either spell it nekked or nekkid. It’s fun, but I don’t think it’s just a Fluther thing; I see it everywhere now.

Soo… Are ya nekkid yet?

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Here is part of the explanation for nekkid which I found on the site Word It is often paired with the term, as a jaybird.

The phrase “naked as a jay bird” means, of course, to be utterly without clothing. A “jay” is a species of songbird, probably most familiar to us as the blue jay, with its brilliant blue plumage and distinctively raucous call.

Just where the phrase “naked as a jaybird” came from is, however, a mystery. It has been in fairly common usage since the middle of the 20th century, and seems to be American in origin. Why blue jays, which are modestly covered with feathers, should have become symbols of stark nudity is anyone’s guess. The English have a similar phrase, “naked as a robin,” but that doesn’t seem to make any sense either.

I suppose it is possible that “naked as a jaybird” is related somehow to the use of “jay” in the 19th century for a hick or rube recently arrived in the city. This “jay” underlies our term “jaywalk,” meaning to cross the street in the middle of the block or in some other unorthodox fashion, supposedly as one unaccustomed to urban traffic rules might.

In any case, since we’re reduced to guessing, here’s mine. There are few birds more blatantly obvious than the male blue jay. Not only is Mr. Jay bright blue, not a common color for animals of any ilk, but he is also usually the loudest and most obnoxious bird in any given tree. As a symbol of that which is flamboyantly obvious, the blue jay takes the cake. “Naked as a jaybird,” therefore, might just be a colorful way of saying “blatantly and obviously completely naked.”

And in the Southern part of the U.S. sometimes the pronunciation of the work naked sounds like nekkid. The word nekkid (or that particular pronunciation of the word naked) is often attributed to hicks in the Southern U.S. And it just sounds so dadgummed funny.

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The above link to the word site is wrong ^^

Can’t seem to make a linky out of the correct site without it copying everthing else on the page : (

Basically just type in dubya, dubya, dubya dot Word Detective dot Com (with the search term naked as a jaybird) Sorry folks : (

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I only spell it Nekkid when were having a Nekkid pancake party…

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There was a separate question regarding the cake; someone was stalking someone else and cake was involved.

JUne 7, 2007:

“What does it mean when a guy you met once at a party keeps sending you cake every 4 months over the course of 2 years, but otherwise does not get in touch at all? And doesn’t ask you out either…” (The discussion has been archived.)

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As others have said, ‘nekkid’ is simply a written colloquialism for naked that is not exclusive to Fluther. I also see ‘sammich’ for sandwich, as another example.

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I think the first I heard nekkid was on Designing Women.

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It’s like “bidness” for business.

“After I get done wid my nekkid bidness I like to eat a sammie.”

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nekkid, nekkid, nekkid

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I think I heard that on a Pringles commercial once…

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Wait, so this is an American regionalism that has become Internet lingo? I swear I’ve only encountered it just here O_o

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Fluthermerica, fuck yeah!

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