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Why not?

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Why not, not?

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@zenvelo The story of my life.

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Is this an attempt at the shortest question ever?

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Because I said so, damn it.

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I would like to clarify that this does not in any way appear to be an attempt at a shortest question ever. Any relationship between this question and that other question is purely coincidental.

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Because Charo wishes it.
Coochie Coo

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Isn’t he on first, or is that Wen or Who???

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Becasue you want a really short question. :-)

Even though ‘What is love’ is still shorter, if you include the comments.

In any case… the why is why we are here… Or actually because we are.

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Why ask why?

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Fuck you, that’s why!

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Mais parce que!

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Qu’est-ce que tu comptes faire, toi??

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Left field.

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@DrBill Aw. You’re no fun. That’s what my parents used to say.

@dabbler Why um?

@zenvelo Why not? Because that’s not the question.

@gondwanalon Exactly. Framing it with a double negative gets right back to the more compact question, “Why?” So why make it needlessly long? Why?

@Coloma Actually, it evolved in the opposite order. I’ve been wanting to ask “Why?” because I wanted to see how people would parse it and answer. And wondering if I the moderators would let such a succinct question stand led to my asking what the shortest question was.

@augustlan Well it’s official. It passes the moderation test. And that’s why. :D

@PhiNotPi As explained to @Coloma above, this is absolutely true. I’ve spilled the beans on why I asked “Why?”.

@cookieman Charo is still a solid “Why?” for lots of female figure admirers.

@rooeytoo I just know that I Don’t Know’s on third. I just don’t know why? He’s the left fielder and I don;t know him. I don;t know Why, I just don’t know him.

@whitenoise Nope. It just sort of came out that way. And including details, Why? is tied with What is Love? for number of characters.

@glacial Isn’t “Why?” the most fundamental thing to ask. All human progress comes from somebody observing something that everyone thinks just has to be the way it is, but instead of accepting that, asking “Why?”

@jerv Think you can get up for it?

@rosehips Great answer.

@YARNLADY “Why?” whatever you want it to be a why about.

@ninjacolin Or Sew that.

@bookish1 Demandez-vous pourquoi, simplement parce que.

@whitenoise 42

@Rarebear I do believe Why was in left field… and not just according to Abbott and Costello.

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Because Y is a crooked letter and you cannot make it straight.

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I promised not to tell.

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It felt good.

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yalls had too much toddy

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She asked.

I acceded.

It was well worth it.

I can still remember her perfume.

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@ETpro I see your 42, and I raise you 42.

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@ETpro I didn’t mean the comments by others… sloppy I was…

I meant the explanation added to the question. :-)

Indeed… you’re at 13 and What is love? as well and I can’t count too well. Shared first place.

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Why oh why did she swallow the fly? I guess she’ll die.

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Because without it, you will continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. That is at best counterproductive and at worst fatal.

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@Bellatrix Well, when I eat at the Y it’s straight, but I’m guessing a woman could eat there too. :-)

@Jeruba Now I’m going to sit and simmer with curiosity.

@jonsblond Darned straight Y it did.

@trailsillustrated Long as it stays hot, there’s no such thing as too much toddy.

@FreshlyBaked That’s a strong enough Y to get me going. :-)

@glacial Oh my, 84. It’s the multiverse. Keep on in this vein and I’ll soon be “86d”.

@whitenoise Owing to “What is love?” being asked firstest and mostest, I’d guess it wins. I could have left out the question details, but feared that would surely draw the moderator’s ire.

@zensky That looming fate
before her mind did pass.
But alas, t’were to late
to redeem her ass.

@josie GA, my friend. How true.

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…do you whisper, green grass, why tell the trees that ain’t so?
Whispering grass, the trees don’t have to know.

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“Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do or die.”

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I had help. @PhiNotPi and I came up with it together. :)

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from dad “because I said so!”
from your teen age son “because she is just so beautiful”
from your cat ” ” which means “you can’t handle the truth”
from your accident prone dog “I just couldn’t wait!”
from your boss “you’ll get a raise when I get one!”

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Because we like you! All together now – M-O-U-S-E!

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…..M I C K E Y.
Oops S U P E R

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There was an interesting story with the “how” question that @augustlan and I teamed up on. I was originally going to be the person who asked the question, and I tried to create a completely blank question. However, we soon found out that Fluther doesn’t like it when you have blank titles. This is what happened. It causes an infinite redirect loop error. This same error really messed up the question writing process, so I accidentally posted three questions without noticing. That’s why @augustlan ended up posting the final result.

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Because I said so… THAT’s why.

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I guess because he wanted to talk to me, and was glad to see me…

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╬Ťass : P

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Because He made the stars to shine;
Because He made the ivy twine.
Because He made the ocean blue;
Because He made you,
That’s why I lurve you!

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