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What is a good way to eat Marmite?

Asked by Celtic_One (144points) November 22nd, 2012

What are good ways to eat Marmite so one is more likely to enjoy it?

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I’ve only had it a couple times but I enjoyed it on toast. I can’t really think what else it’d go good on, maybe in some sandwiches.

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Sniffing it; shooting up with it: with hot fudge sauce.

Is it a food substance that one is actually supposed to enjoy?

“Marmite is traditionally eaten as a savoury spread on bread, toast, savoury biscuits (crackers in US usage), and other similar baked products. Owing to its concentrated taste it is usually spread thinly with butter or margarine.

Marmite can also be made into a winter drink by adding one teaspoon to a mug of hot water much like Bovril.

Marmite is paired with cheese (such as in a cheese sandwich) and has been used as an additional flavouring in Mini Cheddars, a cheese-flavoured biscuit snack.

Similarly, it has been used by Walkers Crisps for a special-edition flavour, is sold as a flavouring on rice cakes (available in the UK) and has introduced, with local Dorset bakery Fudges, Marmite Biscuits in the UK.

Starbucks UK has a cheese and Marmite Panini on their menu.

In New Zealand, Sanitarium, the NZ Marmite company, recommends spreading it on bread with potato crisps added to make a “Marmite and Chippie” sandwich.

In Singapore and Malaysia, Marmite is popularly added to plain rice congee to give it a strong, salty flavour.

In 2003, the Absolute Press published Paul Hartley’s The Marmite Cookbook, containing recipes and suggestions on how to blend Marmite with other foodstuffs.

In August 2006, as part of the launch of squeezy Marmite, celebrity chef Gary Rhodes created a dessert consisting of coffee ice cream topped with chocolate sauce with a dash of Marmite.” Source

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PS, Great question and welcome to Fluther. Marmite is an acquired taste, but a wondrous substance nevertheless.

@gailcalled: Yes.

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Or I am sure it would taste good with cheese on a sandwich. Vegemite and cheese is delicious. Just don’t put too much on. Use marmite or vegemite sparingly.

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While holding your nose so you don’t have to smell or taste it. Preferably close your eyes as well because it doesn’t look very pleasant either! As far as I’m concerned the same goes for Vegemite! I have been here 15 years but I still can’t stand bangers or vegemite.

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The Key: buttery toast, thin layer. Hot tea. And I much prefer vegemite, but they are eaten in the same way.

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nom nom nom just thinking about it makes me want some.

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I would try it spread sparingly on freshly baked bread.

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Why ‘sparingly’ Slap it on toast, bagels, anything of that type and enjoy.
It is supposed to contain some very useful vitamins so that’s my excuse for loving it!

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Have you eaten Marmite or Vegemite @SomeoneElse? I would suggest slapping it on is overkill for most people. You really do just need a little. Too much ruins the whole sandwich.

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Sandwiches with vegemite and cheese, butter, egg or combinations thereof.

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with sandwiches

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@Bellatrix I love the stuff and delicately spread on some wheat product is not for me – slap it on I say. OK it can make a tiny fissure on the tongue sting a bit, but that’s but a small price to pay in my view.

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@SomeoneElse: Funny, I am a big fan, but I find that it ‘ruins’ something for me if I put on too much. It’s very salty.

Along with whole wheat toast, I also enjoy it on crackers and rice/popcorn cakes. And sometimes if I am craving something savory but don’t want to cook or consume many calories, I’ll make a pot of Marmite tea.

Incidentally, it’s also useful to use as a base for soups and sauces!

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I like Marmite and Vegemite (Vegemite more after the length of time I have lived in Australia) but to me, it has always been a case of less-is-more. Glad you like it slapped on! I’m sure the manufacturers would prefer your method.

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