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[iPhone] Anyone used the "LifeProof" case?

Asked by oratio (8905points) November 27th, 2012

I did a roll with a kayak – which was bound to happen – and I am looking for something that is better than a transparent zip bag. I found this case LifeProof

My main concern is waterproofing the iPhone, but shock protection is of interest as well.

If you have it, or tried it, what do you think of it? Or is there another case you would better recommend?

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Can’t say I’ve heard of that, but why not an Otterbox? Waterproof and definite shock protection.

Not to mention, cheaper. $70 for a phone case? Yikes.

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Otterbox smartphone cases are not waterproof. In fact, I’ve heard some complaints that the newest Otterbox devices don’t have all the port covers of the old models, so people are concerned about moisture and debris getting into their devices. They are quite bulky (although current models are less so than older versions), making them quite good for shock protection, but not so good for putting in and out of one’s pocket.

I have seen photos from friends and people I follow on Instagram and other social networks that were taken underwater with a Lifeproof case, so I know they are waterproof. The ones I’ve seen seem less bulky than the Otterbox, so I don’t know that they’re as good for shock protection. They are back-ordered for the iPhone 5, but you may be able to look at ones for the 4/4S at a BestBuy or similar store. The staff at BestBuy should be able to show you a model of various covers, too.

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My mistake, I thought they were waterproof. My sister dropped her phone (though not an iPhone) in the toilet with an Otterbox on it, and it worked fine, no rice needed. But that could just be an exception. I don’t have an Otterbox because I have no use for one, but one of my friends got one for her iPhone 5 that isn’t bulky at all. My husband’s is quite bulky, but they have slim ones too.

I just could never drop $70 on a phone case, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

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@livelaughlove21 – The older Otterbox cases that had plugs to seal the charger and headphone ports and any buttons were fairly water-resistant, so a quick dunk is unlikely to have done major harm. But most electronics can survive a splash or brief immersion – my ex dropped his uncovered flip phone (before the iPhone came out) in the toilet a couple times, and we just pulled it apart to dry it off, and didn’t even know about the bag of rice trick back then, and it still worked. I have patients who forget that their hearing aids are on when they get in the shower, and again just opening it up, removing the battery and letting it dry is all that is typically needed for such a short exposure.

But if one wants the best protection, waterproofing will allow the device to be submerged for more than a few seconds and deeper than a foot below the surface (as water pressure makes a difference, too). As I said, I’ve seen people who deliberately take the Lifeproof covered iPhone under water in the pool and ocean for taking photographs. So for someone who is active in watersports, I think the Lifeproof case is worth the peace-of-mind.

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