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Has your bumper been scratching your iPhone? (Sorry an iPhone question).

Asked by rawrgrr (1559points) September 4th, 2010

I just received my bumper case in the mail for my new iPhone and I’ve been hearing lots of complains from people who are saying their bumper is scratching their stainless steel band around their phone form the hard plastic without dust or debris inside the case. Apperantly it’s because of the hard plastic inside the bumper.

So I’m kind of scared to put it on hehe so I just want to hear your experiences with the case, thanks!

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I just pulled the bumper off mine and looked.

No scratches, no rubbing marks.
(I am pretty rough on my phone too.)

This is just my experience though.

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@Dog That’s good! How new is your iPhone (or bumper i guess)?

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I have had both for 3 weeks.

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@Dog Alright then, I guess that makes me feel better haha

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Nothing’s happened to mine so far…

I love the look too.

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@mrrich724 So do I! It’s so pretty

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