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What do you think of the jacktastic weather in your area?

Asked by robmandu (21285points) June 6th, 2008

This past Wednesday, we saw 100°F temps (that’s 38°C for you continental types who need easily divisible numbers) and 41mph wind gusts. Never seen the like before. Fences down, shingles blown off, trees broken, etc.

What’s happenin’ in your neck of the woods?

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Is jacktastic weather a euphemism for masturbating weather?

It’s probably global warming, the same thing that caused snow storms of the century across the globe this past winter. At least that’s what Al Gore told me…Al Gore likes jacktastic weather.

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It is a little bit colder in Oregon than usual. Other than that nothing is out of the ordinary.

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hot and humid just like it is this time every year in the southeast u.s.

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We are having one of the three perfect days allowed us per year in my neck of the woods today. Low 70’s, mild breeze, no black flies, peonies, irises, poppies opening, twitter of baby birds in my wren box and phoebe’s nest, red-tailed hawks are soaring, (on one of my outdoor flood lights) Milo loves me again altho I am sad that my daughter has left. 12165

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I am hating Oregon right now.

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So Cal is 81 and clear

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7 day heat wave been getting hotter every day today it was 105f and muggy too unusual for this early into summer in NC

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Yup. Oregon sucks at the moment. Ass cold and rainy rainy rainy. It’s JUNE people! Let’s get with the (summer) program! Though, there were some spectacular clouds in the sky just before sundown north of Eugene last night.

Jacktastic is right.

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Jacktastic is NOT a euphemism for masturbatory weather; it implies, in my neck of the woods, “jack someone in the face because I am wearing my winter coat in JUNE” weather.

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“Jacktastic is NOT a euphemism for masturbatory weather; it implies, in my neck of the woods, “jack someone in the face because I am wearing my winter coat in JUNE” weather.”

I like my definition better…great use of the adjective masturbatory btw…

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May was the warmest on record here. It still cools off at night, warm and humid during the day, not too bad. Sometimes storms in the evenings but not severe. Between 20º to 25º for highs. I’m thinking it’s nice.

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it is hot and humid here ( zip 30601 ) this weather makes me want to live in a dank cave.

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Johnpowell and others are right. The NW sucks right now. Friday, 56 drgrees, wind blowing and raining just North od Seattle in the burbs.

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In Seattle, it’s dreary and also, snowing in the mountains.

Actually, I think that’s kind of cool.

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It is 102 today with 80% humidity. That is NOT normal for NC in June.

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We just got our first snow of the year last night; it’s about 5 degrees celsius today.

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Nor Cal is paradise, like always.

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