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Question about yourself?

Asked by Highbrow (366points) December 4th, 2012

Are you able to reach your full potential or does a fear of failure or lack of confidence hold you back?

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There is no way to even estimate my “full potential”, and therefore no way to determine how far short of that I have always – must always – fall. But I don’t let it bother me too much any more, either. In fact, apart from questions such as this, it’s not even a consideration.

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The notion of full potential is a moving target. If you lack confidence to do something, perhaps it is with good reason. If you tried, you’d fail badly. I suspect that lack of confidence is more an aid than a hindrance in most cases. But history can not be lived twice, so we’ll never know. Therefore, it is a useless concept.

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I think I could be doing a lot better in life right now if I had fewer fears and more confidence in myself, definitely.

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Yes, potential is intangible, I agree with @CWOTUS and @burntbonez a useless concept, just like “purpose”, which is also intangible and ever changing.

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Full potential? According to whom? I have a friend who tells me I should have been this or that. I’m quite happy with what I have done, thank you.

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The only thing that holds me back is lack of motivation.

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Ask me later this week, after I’ve tried baking my very first rum cake : )

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I really don’t think about my potential, full or otherwise. I just try to be happy, live honestly and ethically, and treat other people kindly.

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I have the capability to reach my full potential although I have no idea what that is. External influences or circumstances may hinder my journey but fear or lack of confidence will not. If I become aware of myself holding back from trying something because of fear or lack of confidence it is usually enough to spur me on.

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Oh yeah. Anyone who knows me knows I reach my full potential every day. They know my confidence is second to none.

Can I get a coupon for a good restaurant for answering this question, please?

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Fear definitely holds me back sometimes. It has gotten easier, yet harder at the same time the older I get. As a kid and young person in high school I was less afraid of failing. I have more confidence now, more wisdom…. but I have more of a desire to take care of myself – succeed – etc than ever…

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I haven’t done shit with my life, 100% due to my lack of faith in myself. I quit before I even start.

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@DigitalBlue Same thing with me sometimes

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If you didn’t care about the result, then faith wouldn’t matter. You could do what you decide to do and not care about some arbitrary standard of success. Do it because it is interesting to do, not because you need to achieve some standard of success. Then faith in yourself becomes irrelevant.

Easier said that done, I know, and yet, still worth doing.

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