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Will you be celebrating Heterosexual Awareness Month?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38932points) December 4th, 2012

The official facebook group states it’s in July so we have time to make plans. I have some really exciting ideas.

All right, in all seriousness, I know this kind of thing follows the ‘oh why do Blacks get to have a month and the queers a parade’ sort of whining by the privileged majority, but how can you seriously think that the ‘new normal’ is LGBTQ all the way? I mean, where are you located in this country because I need to go live there. Thoughts?

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Wow, not gonna troll myself by looking at that page. You sure it’s not a joke??

“LGBTQ” [sic] (the T stands for Token and the Q stands for Qtrendy) is the new normal only if you think that the existence of gay marriage for cisgendered people in a few states of the U.S. means that all non-heterosexual people are liberated and safe now.

But hey, as my white straight middle class bankers’ children students so frequently remind me, “we had civil rights and feminism” so there are no problems for black people or women anymore! I guess Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is the equivalent for the gays.

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@bookish1 I asked them if it was satire. They were curt and said ‘let it be whatever you want it to be.’ I then apologized for how us queers have a peculiar sense of humor and reminded them that I’m making sure to reproduce.

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I’m very aware anyway :P

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I’m not much of a celebrator, no matter what the occasion. Throw a party for me, and I probably won’t show up. I doubt I’ll show up at the het bash, either. Jeez. A month is a long time to be bashing hets.

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@burntbonez I think the organizers don’t intend for it to be the latter. Although, of course, they’re martyred souls. Now, they’re saying ‘stay strong, everyone, we knew when we began this noble journey that people would hate on us and now they’re hating on us.’ I love how saying that seems to imply they’re the victims.

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Wait, technically isn’t every month really heterosexual awareness month?

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I was being ironic. Het bash – heterosexual party. Turn it around, and you get to bash hets. Sorry. Just my weird sense of humor. But I’m an equal opportunity basher.

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@burntbonez Oh no, I got it. It was really well written. I’m just saying they wouldn’t like that.

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And this will do what exactly? I am aware of who/what I am and do not need a month to tell myself.
Who decides on these ‘months’, ‘days’, whatever?

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I suppose one can never be too aware…

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@SomeonElse People, I guess. I suppose young people on this facebook group although I’m assuming age.

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I like ham yeah.

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I guess that means I can go hangout in the gay bar my friend owns. They’re always having more fun anyway…

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@zenvelo You know, I don’t think that’s what they envision but sure.

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My girlfriend gets back in July, I just had an idea how to celebrate this.

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@poisonedantidote I hope you post your celebration on their fb page.

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Wow. See, the problem with something like this is that it’s very difficult to determine if it’s satire. Spend five minutes on Fox News, then head over to The Onion, and tell me there is a difference.

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@tom_g Exactly and that’s scary.

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Ok. I just spent a little time there, and I’m convinced it is not satire. Add this to the people who are fighting the good fight for all of the oppressed white, male, Christian, Christmas-celebrating, English speaking, wealthy people who have to live a torturous existence as members of the powerful majority.

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@tom_g I don’t know what’s worse. That this is real life or that we can’t tell.

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I don’t do Facebook, so I probably couldn’t access it even if I wanted to. I sincerely hope this is satire and not a mean dig at others, as we all know heteros have been free to celebrate their sexuality for millennia. Besides, I celebrate my heterosexuality as often as possible and I wouldn’t want to be restricted to only one month out of the year to do so. That might be an interesting exercise for some, but for me it would be an unnecessary torture of repeated lost opportunities which are becoming increasingly far and few between. At my age, that’s the last thing I need!

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I’m in Missouri, the heartland of America, the white male Mecca, the conservatice Christian paradise. With a very large gay and lesbian community.

No, I wouldn’t celebrate that because I don’t feel hetero’s are persecuted or demeaned or abused or commit suicide because they’re not accepted, or comfortable with their bodies.

My friends who are of different sexual persuasions are actually physically attacked, called names and treated as pariahs to their families (in some circumstances.)

As a Christian, we are not to judge each other, only love each other as we’re all God’s children. Anything less to me is just cruelty. Little kids and teens who are gay or lesbian or transgender kill themselves because of this kind of prejudice. I will never ever celebrate any kind of day/month or hour that would demean my friends or their struggle for equality.

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If only more Christians were like you, @KNOWITALL.

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Sure, I will. I’ll also be celebrating Caucasian Housewife Awareness Month… whenever that is.

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And I’ll be me and take something entirely out of context and offtopic and ask you, regarding this: where are you located in this countryWhich freaking country?! That would be all. Fremen out.

(This is part of my “Stop US-Centrism On Fluther” Awareness Project some of you may already be painfully aware of :P)

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@fremen_warrior : Thanks for the reminder. I’ll do my best to get on board as well.

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Even though my orientation has a tangential relationship with het, I’d be more likely to celebrate submissive macrophile month.

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There aren’t enough months in the year for all the possibilities. Why can’t we just celebrate being alive?

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I love that argument. Why don’t we have a white awareness month? EVERY month is white awareness month. Why don’t straight people get a parade/festival? Because it would probably be agonizingly boring.

Straight people are just jealous that they’re not as cool as gay people. :)

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@livelaughlove21 : One of my friends said that the straight pride parade can be seen on the DC metro commute every day :-p

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@fremen_warrior A good point. I think I assumed US because I perused the fb page. It seems like that’s the country they’re talking about. But, you’re right, I then defaulted that by saying ‘this country’ in which I live, I meant US. Fluther is US-centric.

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This song comes to mind.

@Simone_De_Beauvoir no Fluther tends to be US-centric, but we’ll change that, one annoying post after another.

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@fremen_warrior Ha, good luck with that. I suppose I’m doing that with gender and sexuality.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir you seem to underestimate how much of a pain in the a** I can be ;-)

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@fremen_warrior You seem to underestimate how much of an ass Fluther can be. Get rest in between battles.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir: It’s not particular to Fluther.

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I feel with you. I do.

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I celebrate it when I’m in bed with woman. I don’t tell anyone about it because it’s my business and my own holiday.

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Heterophobia is a huge issue you guys!~
Seriously, who thinks of this shit?

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I don’t care what y’all do in the privacy of your own homes, but don’t go waving that shit around in my face.

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Would it be ok to celebrate it by watching some good, old girl-on-girl porn?

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Heterophobia? hahaha Now I’ve heard everything.

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Let them go ahead and get het fanny packs… Announce hate get hate back. instant karma.

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LOL, no, but I really did laugh.

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Since I endorse celebration of just about all forms of consensual sex, I will by all means celebrate the kind I have with the distaff set.

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Finally my people are given a voice.

<links arms with Hetero’s everywhere>

“We shall over come…..”

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After reading over their FB page, I’ve concluded they’re completely serious…lol.

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Yes. I’ve already celebrated the abuse against the wealthy and the privileged awareness month.

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