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What are some things your parents said, did or used that you once made fun of but have now adopted?

Asked by zensky (13357points) December 5th, 2012

In the 2013 year old man, Mel Brooks said we mock the thing we are to be.

I recollect this line as I fill up my hot water bottle and prepare for sleep.

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I remember watching Doctor Who one time & my mam telling me what a load of rubbish it was & that one day i’d agree with her.
I remain a fan of the old shows Jon Pertwee/Tom Baker, but the new stuff, well…you were right ma, gawd bless ya!

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Dad always yelling at me to “put things back where I got them from,” because he could never find the things he was looking for. I now use that same line with my child, knowing all to well how frustrated my dad was but understand it is one of those routines in life that are repeated to help instill good values in the next generation.

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Smoking cigarettes, I was a brat and left literature and pictures everywhere around the house.

I also cook dinner every night, and I never thought I’d do that.

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This is a difficult question for me. My parents still are fundamentalist Christians and despise me for being gay.

I learned many good things from them, such as a hearty work ethic and respect for others, but I also am instilled with many things I wish I could take off like a shirt.

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Breaking wind loudly and at random times.

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I find myself talking to strangers and sometimes embarrassing my kids just the way my Mom did to me. On the other hand, I think people warm up to me the way they did to my Dad.

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I am so much like my parents. Let’s see….something I made fun of….I used to make fun of how my mom turned sideways to look at herself in the long mirror in her bedroom to see how far her stomach was sticking out. LOL. I do that now.

I also used to make fun of how my mom couldn’t remember things, and now I totally understand all too well that it gets harder to remember everything when you are an adult and there is much more to keep track of.

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College is a must, getting a somewhat paying job is important, there are things not worth crying about.

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Eating out at buffets, and sleeping till noon. Also I tied my dads record of skipping school 88 days in one year.

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